Friday, December 28, 2012

Valencia CF Best Winter Players

Valencia CF ended mid season at a somewhat surprising 9th place on the table this year. Last year the team finished 4th place on the table in the mid season and the team was doing very well back then. This season was different though as club legend Mauricio Pellegrino didn't end up as successful as a coach as he was as a player and was ultimately sacked after two terrible consecutive defeats at the hands of Malaga and Real Sociedad.

The players haven't been performing to their best either, so its going to be much more fun with the awards. First category is the summer transfers and as always I will be looking at the statistics, personal ratings, overall skill, team work and then come to a conclusions.

Best summer signing
Best summer signing nominations for the award are: Joao Pereira, Nelson Valdez and Aly Cissokho.

Joao Pereira transferred from Sporting Lisbon for a transfer fee of 3.5 million euros in what was supposed to be a long term solution to our right back problems. Joao Pereira didn't disappoint and fitted in immediately at Valencia CF. Since his arrival he has featured in most of the matches and has been very secure at the back and threatening on the offense. In fact he has the second highest ranking in my player ratings with 6.11 score, just bellow Roberto Soldado.

Nelson Valdez wasn't met with much excitement by Valencia fans and his previous low scoring record in other clubs was weighing down on him. Since his arrival though he has impressed with his performances, which have been characterized with fighting spirit and lots of running. Even though he's featured sparsely as Soldado has been the undisputed started, he's managed to score 3 goals in La Liga and one in the Champions League. But what put him ahead of other players was his commitment and humbleness which is something some other players lack.

Aly Cissokho fought off Andres Guardado mostly in the nomination as he has contributed more than Andres Guardado and has been more consistent, while Guardado has been largely ineffective in attack which is why he was brought in and not as a left back. Cissokho barely had time to adopt and with no Spanish understanding as well was instantly put into action as Mathieu has been injured for most of this season. Even with his lack of adaptation and no understanding of Spanish, he was able to perform admirably and most importantly consistently and has a score of 5.88 in my rating which is significant.

The best summer signing for Valencia CF is Joao Pereira.
  • He came in as as the cheaper option out of a variety of options for right back and wasn't the first choice for the sporting director, nor the fans favorite, but has turned out to be the right option as we've seen Mathieu Debuchy and Gregory Van der Wiel struggling this season, while Joao Pereira has excelled at Valencia CF. Him winning this prestigious award awarded by me was uncontested as he really hasn't had a strong competition and Gago who might have been a decent competition has been a terrible professional and no amount of skill can overcome that. 
So there you have it, Joao Pereira the winner of the best summer signing award.

Best Valencia CF player mid season
Best Valencia CF player nominations are: Joao Pereira, Roberto Soldado, Tino Costa.

Joao Pereira as I wrote and already won the best summer signing award has been in terrific form for Valencia CF and while he had some smaller defensive problems initially, he quickly ironed out those and has been solid at the back and going forward. He's been quick to track back from attack and quick to go forward and support the wingers on the right. His crosses have also been very accurate and has had good amount of penetration on that right flank. He has also been an outstanding professional, working hard and not making any problems at all.

Roberto Soldado has been a frequent nomination in these awards and has actually featured as a nomination in all my awards, winning the best summer signing of 2010/11 summer awards. Since his arrival in Valencia CF he has been one of their key players and has since rejected a big money offer from Tottenham and has committed his future to Valencia CF. Roberto Soldado is currently the biggest name in Valencia CF and is generally considered one of the best players at the team, but also one of the best strikers in Europe. This season he had a slow start and a period of drought, but has rediscovered his form and went on to score 9 times in the Spanish League and 4 times in the Champions League. He is right now also the highest rated player on my ratings with 6.20 rating.

Alberto 'Tino' Costa isn't the obvious choice for this award as he doesn't boast the best assist or goals statistics and isn't the most talented and technical player, not even one to make a difference in thigh matches, but he has been very consistent, very hard working and has chipped in with few assists and goals as well, helping the team win some important matches. In fact he is actually tied for first place with 4 assists with Jonas in La Liga, 1 goal in La Liga and 1 assist in the Champions League. His corner kicks and free kicks are also often dangerous, creating quite a few chances for the team through them. Overall this seasons lack of competition has helped him to this nomination and he just edged out Adil Rami due the the Frenchmen's very poor start and occasional big lapses of focus.

The best Valencia CF player for this winter awards is: Roberto Soldado
  • While Soldado's two competitors for this winter award have done very well, Joao Pereira even winning the best summer signing, Roberto Soldado has been leaps and bounds the better player so far this season. While Valencia CF can play without Joao Pereira and Tino Costa, playing without Soldado has proven difficult and neither Jonas nor Valdez can quite replicate his goalscoring and fast paced runs into the oppositions penalty areas. Roberto Soldado has scored 9 goals this season in La Liga and scored 4 goals and provided 1 assist in the Champions League. The fact that at times he's had a complete lack of service and still managed to score as many goals is proof more than he is a great striker. His international performances for Spain have also been great this year, fighting off competition from Negredo and Torres. Soldado is also currently the top rated player in my ratings with 6.20 rating so far this season.

Revelation of the season: None
  • I haven't been impressed with any of the younger players and potential stars and we haven't seen something extraordinary out of the older players, so at least for me there hasn't been any revelations.
Biggest disappointment of the season: Fernando Gago
  • I'm still hopeful for Fernando Gago, but with his mixed performances, constant injuries, unprofessionalism and primadona acting he's been the biggest disappointment so far.
Worst player of the season: Daniel Parejo
  • While Daniel Parejo has been improving and has actually had few very good appearances recently, overall he's been poor this season and just like last season bellow his expectations and price tag. In fact he was so bad at the start of the season that people just couldn't stand him playing and there was no alternative at the time as all other midfielders were injured. So even though he's improved and played few good matches, out of all the players he's been the worst and needs to prove himself.