Friday, December 21, 2012

Valencia CF 4-2 Getafe CF Match Report

Valencia CF wins its first home match under Ernesto Valverde's control and after did so convincingly. The team looked a lot more attacking and it payed off as the goals started ramping up from the first minute with great offensive display and a lot of chances for Valencia CF, but still some issues in the middle of the park and defense.

The match started with Valencia CF scoring the first goal after just 45 seconds with Soldado opening the scoring from a Feghuoli assist from the wing. It was a fact action where Feghuoli was left alone and his cross found Soldado who scored easily.

Second goal came in the 7th minute, this time Jonas scoring from a Piatti assist. This was also a quick action where Piatti was running forward escaping his marker and his cross found Jonas who was able to score.

Just few minutes later though Getafe would reduce the lead to 2-1 with a goal from A. Vazquez. The goal came after a rather silly counter attack with Vazquez left unmarked and Diego Alves coming out way outside of goal, making it easier on Vazquez to find the back of the net.

The match would slow down in terms of goals from this moment on, though Valencia CF would continue pushing forward and pressing in the middle, while Getafe were more set on counter attacks from which they actually had few decent chances as there was lack of marking at the back, mostly due to Guardado being slow to fall back after going forward and Ricardo Costa failing to cover properly.

Anyways Valencia CF would have quite a bit chances as well, missing few opportunities, but ultimatelly scoring again in the 30th minute after a corner kick by Tino Costa in which Ricardo Costa was left unmarked and was able to head the ball into the net and make it 3-1 for Valencia CF.

Since the end of the first half Valencia CF would have few more chances, especially one after a Piatti pass where Jonas was almost alone on goal and was able to shoot, but Feghuoli moved into Jonas shot, deflecting the ball to go out. Rather poor vision and judgment there by Feghuoli, preventing what seemed like a certain goal. Overall a good first half, though some scares at the back as well, there is lots of room for improvement.

Second half started with Getafe CF being more aggressive, a little bit higher defensive and more pressing in the middle of the park which started causing Valencia CF problems, even though ball possession was still mostly in Valencia's favor. First attack of the second half for Valencia came in the 50th minute and after some circulation the ball was lost, though gained again in the middle where Soldado received the ball and released Jonas alone on goal, but his shot hit the post and bounced off of it outside of goal. This was a huge chance and one that should have sealed the deal.

Of course the unwritten rule where if one team missed a big chance a penalty would occur and the other side will score came true today as Getafe managed to score one more goal in the 59th minute through former Valencia CF defender Alexis out of all players after a corner kick for Getafe.

Valencia CF lost a lot of ground since that goal and was playing a lot weaker and fragile with Feghuoli showing signs of fatigue and barely even running. Valverde saw this and put in Banega instead of Feghuoli, converting to a 4-3-3 system with Jonas on the transforming on the wing. This change would not pay dividend and Valencia CF lost more ground to Getafe who were becoming more and more dangerous.

Valverde decided to react again and brought on Viera for Jonas to try and bring in more width and ball control back, though Viera would have some poor touches and ball control and clearly lacking match form, even though ultimately his introduction would pay off hugely.

Towards the end of the match it was mostly back and forth with play on the middle up to the third on both sides and a lot of dead ball situations with minimal opportunities and attacks on both sides. Valencia would cement the win though 3 minutes into stoppage time our of the 5 awarded when Banega rather luckily found Viera, after his shot missed Valdez which was meant for, but Viera was able to chip the ball over Moya and  back to Valdez who scored Valencia's 4th goal.

Technical Details:
Valencia CF  (4): Alves; Pereira, Rami, R. Costa, Guardado; Albelda, T. Costa; Feghouli (Éver, min.65'), Jonas (Viera, min. 75'), Piatti (Valdez, min. 89'); Soldado.
Getafe CF (2): Moyà; M. Torres, Alexis, Lopo, Mané (Rafa, min. 4'); Míchel (Gavilán, min.72'), Xavi Torres; Lafita, Barrada (Sarabia, min.75'), Diego Castro; Álvaro Vázquez.
Goals: 1-0 Min 1’, Soldado. 2-0 Min 7', Jonas. 2-1 Min 12', Álvaro. 3-1 Min 30', Ricardo Costa. 3-2 Min 60', Alexis. 4-2 Min 92', Valdez.

Player Ratings:
Diego 6.5 - Was very good tonight and had several great interventions which saved the goal, but partly at fault for the goal as he came way too forward from the goal and made it easier for Vazquez to score.
Joao Pereira 7 - Great evening for  the Portuguese who was rock solid at the back and a bullet at the front, providing several good crosses and passes, linking up well with Feghuoli as well as the midfield.
Rami 5 - Poor performance in this match and had trouble all night with Getafe attacks. His poor defending almost gifted Getafe 2 more goals if their attacks were better.
R. Costa 5.5 - Had a lot more work to do and thus had more interventions, but failed to cover well for Guardado and nowhere to be found on Getafe's first goal.
Guardado 6.5 - Bombarded forward all night and almost played as a second winger, though this had consequences at the back and left Valencia's defensive line rather exposed often. Improved defensively in the second half though and made few good interceptions.
Albelda 6.5 - Provided good cover for the defense and made several key interceptions stopping Getafe attacks in their tracks. Was a good outlet to receive the ball as well and circulate it to Tino or right.
Tino Costa 7 - Controlled possession for most of the match, providing some good accurate passes. Lots some fervor and control in the second half, but provided the assist for the third goal from his corner kick.
Feghuoli 5.5 - This was a hot and cold in one game for Feghuoli. Had the brightest starts possible by providing a great assist for Soldado in the 40th second, linked up well with Joao on the right and was rather useful in the first half. Second half though he blocked a shot from Jonas and got very fatigued being rather negative for the team.
Jonas 6.5 - Semi-good performance by Jonas, took his goal coolly and could have had a second if he wasn't denied by Feghuoli. Had two missed shots though and one was really terrible, missing some good opportunities.
Piatti 6.5 - Provided the assist to Jonas for the second goal and was very active all match until subbed. Linked up greatly with Guardado and was very dangerous from the left wing.
Soldado 6.5 - Found himself in the right position at the right time and score a goal 40 second in. Didn't have many opportunities himself later on, but released Jonas alone on goal with a great pass, unfortunately Jonas didn't covert.
Banega 5.5 - Was rather ineffective and the play mostly passed him by, when he got the ball he usually lost it or made an inaccurate pass. One of those inaccurate passes found its way to Viera though and created the 4th goal.
Viera 6 - Provided the assist for the 4th goal and it was a super nice chip to lob the keeper and find Valdez. Before that had a rather poor touch and ball control, loosing the ball on few occasions.
Valdez 6 - Came in for about 5 minutes and scored a goal.