Saturday, December 1, 2012

Valencia CF 2-5 Real Sociedad

Time for Mauricio Pellegrino to go and I believe he knows it. I mean looking at his face when the camera panned on him, he looked like a defeated men as he probably realized this is most likely going to be his last game in charge of Valencia CF.

I know it, Pellegrino knows it and most of the fans on the stands know it as they drew out the white napkins, clearly showing their dissatisfaction over Pellegrino and wanting him to go.

What to write about this match, it was a ridiculous showing once again, in fact I'd say we are regressing instead of progressing. We got lucky in the second minute and after a chance Soldado scored.

Then it was a fairly equal match, though instead of having the upper hand Valencia CF were barely keeping up and the tipping point would be in the 41st minute when Jonas would be given a red card for supposed elbow, which I didn't see and strongly believe it was simulation.

The equalizer would come soon after and we would go into the half time with the score level at 1-1.

Second half Pellegrino decided to keep the same formation and players on the pitch as if Valencia CF were so much better that we could magically compete with Real Sociedad and the punishment came soon enough, first in the 57th minute when Gonzalez scored and then in the 64th minute with a goal by Ifran.

Valencia CF would score one more in the 73rd minute after a good play by Feghuoli finding Soldado and this one finding the net. This would give the team a small boost, but all would be for nothing as our defense will gave way again and Real Sociedad would score again to put the match to rest.

The final result ended up 2-5 for Real Sociedad as Feghuoli fouled one of their players in the penalty area and Vela scored from a penalty.

Overall it was a disaster and even before Jonas red card we were playing bad and would have probably lost or draw anyways, so its not an excuse for the humiliating 2-5 loss at home terrain. I blame Pellegrino as he hasn't got any ideas, hasn't improved the team in any way and he had all the time in the world and support from staff and supporters alike. Now its time for Llorente to sack him and bring in an experienced coach that can guide Valencia CF to at least a 4th place position, since at this time that is the only thing we are likely to get, if at all.

Valencia CF  (2): Alves; Joao (Valdez, min.75), R. Costa, V. Ruiz, Cissokho (Guardado, min.65); Gago, Éver; Feghouli, Jonas, Bernat (Viera, min.65); Soldado.
Real Sociedad (5): Bravo; C.Martínez, Mikel, Iñigo, De la Bella; Zurutuza (Chory Castro, min 72), Pardo; Prieto, Vela, Griezmann (Ros, min.73); Ifrán (Aguirretxe, min. 76) .
Goals: 1-0 Min 2, Soldado. 1-1 Min 43 De la Bella. 1-2 Min 56, Mikel. 1-3 Min 63, Ifrán. 2-3 Min 73, Soldado. 2-4 Min 84, Agirretxe. 2-5 Min 90, Vela.

Player Ratings:
Diego 3.5 - Had few good saves, but stood still for pretty much all the goal and should have done much much better. Even a poor goalkeeper would have done better to at least 2 of the goals.
Joao Pereira 5 - Clearly lacking fitness and match form, it showed today as he left some gaps in the defense, although he wasn't directly at fault for any of the goals.
R. Costa 4.5 - No where to be found on any of the goals, nonexistent relationship with Ruiz and both were like headless chickens.
Ruiz 4.5 - Same as Costa, no understanding of his central partner, it was like they were playing first time together in a local after beer match or something.
Cissokho 4 - Terrible match from Cissokho, failed to cover for the first goal and was often times beat.
Gago 4 - Complete lack of shielding for the defense, he was quick to go forward, but slow to fall back and keep his position. Most certainly isn't a defensive midfielder, more like a busy man.
Banega 6 - Rather good showing even though most around him sucked, kept the ball well and spread it around pretty well, having several missed passes though, but overall lively showing.
Feghuoli 4 - Nowhere to be found before his assist and that was his only contribution. Caused a penalty late in the match to embarrass Valencia with the result.
Jonas 4 - I don't think he hit whoever it was for Sociedad, though he should have been smarter and didn't have any reason swinging his arm around so high. Wasn't good even before the expulsion.
Bernat 6.5 - Nice assist and generally played good, some good link-up play with Banega and was dangerous  on his side, it was Feghuoli that should have been subbed out and not him, but clearly Pellegrino lacks any sort of critical thinking skills.
Soldado 7 - Two goals from two chances, pretty good goal conversion ratio in this match for him. You can't blame him as he did what he is supposed to do and scored two goals.
Guardado 5 - Pretty much same as Cissokho. Failed to bring something more going forward, which was obviously why he was put on.
Viera 5 - Had few combinations, mostly with Banega, but failed to exert much influence.
Valdez N/A - didn't have time to do much.