Wednesday, December 5, 2012

OSC Lille 0-1 Valencia CF

Valencia CF wins the last match from the Champions League group stage and while sharing 13 points with Bayern Munich will finish as second place due to negative head to head results vs Bayern.

The match against Lille was fairly straightforward and simple with Valencia CF controlling most of the proceedings for 3/4 of the match, with only towards the end Lille threatening a little bit more and having few decent chances, including one shot that hit the bar and few more that forced Guaita to react and save.

In the first half there weren't many chances, most of the play was in the midfield with Valencia CF controlling possession and both sides having few small attacks. The goal for Valencia CF came from a penalty which Jonas converted.

Second half was a bit more open and Lille did try and pressure more and higher up the pitch which had a small difference, but it was with the weird substitutions Voro did that Valencia CF lost control of the match and found itself in trouble.

Technical Details:
Lille OSC (0): Elana, Digne, Balmont (Payet, min. 70), Gueye, Kalou, Beria, Bruno (Roux, min. 77), Rodelin, Chedjou, Mavuba (Martin, min 54) y Basa.
Valencia CF (1): Guaita, Cissokho, Rami, Albelda (Gago, min. 73), Jonas, Feghouli (Piatti, min. 60), Valdez, Guardado, Víctor Ruiz (Viera, min. 83), Ricardo Costa y Tino Costa.
Goals: 0-1 Min. 36 Jonas.

Player Ratings:
Guaita 7 - Not much to do in the first half, though saved the goal few times in the second half and lucky on one occasion not to concede as the ball hit the bar. Good performance.
R. Costa 5.5 - Decent showing at right back. Didn't have much to do in the first half, though troubled in the second half and failed to provide much support going forward.
Rami 6 - Secure performance for most of the match, had one slip up, but overall a good match.
Ruiz 6 - Did a good job and wasn't particularly troubled, for some reason substituted.
Cissokho 6 - Rarely troubled though he failed to provide much support forward. Changed to center back late on when Ruiz was subbed.
Albelda 6 - Good performance, strange that he was subbed as he was very useful on the field. Broke up several Lille attacks.
Tino Costa 6 - Good showing and able to exert him influence on the game, providing some good passes and some good build up play.
Feghuoli 5 - Rather anonymous for most of his time in the match, no wonder subbed early.
Jonas 6.5 - Few good passes and one-twos with Tino Costa, slotted the ball into the net from the penalty.
Guardado 5 - Worked hard in defense, but failed to provide much in attack if at all.
Valdez 5.5 - Hard working and ran the channels, but failed unable to find himself in a good position and service wasn't very good.
Piatti 5 - First showing I believe and was lively on the right side, having few runs, but nothing serious.
Gago 4.5 - Rather poor, came in and misplaced several passes, failing to link up with Tino as well.
Viera 5 - Not much time to have an impact and Lille were mostly in control when he came in.