Monday, December 3, 2012

Luis Enrique second choice for coach

While Ernesto Valverde is the first target of Braulio Vazquez and he is the closest to becoming the new coach of Valencia CF, Luis Enrique is supposedly close second and first contacts have been made to ask for his availability.

Currently Valencia CF is in negotiations with Valverde and are very close to signing the contract, the problem being the length of the contract as Valencia CF want to offer him a 6 months contract with an 1 year extension clause, while Velverde's agent is asking for either a longer contract or the same contract but without the extension clause.

Luis Enrique is the second option as far as Braulio is concerned, while Luis Enrique himself hasn't commented on the possibility and could probably commit in the winter as this is a rare opportunity, though I personally don't rate him too high, he is the Emery type coach and even less experienced and less successful as he failed with Roma and was only average with Barcelona B.