Monday, December 24, 2012

Fernando Gago close to leaving Valencia CF

Fernando Gago is close to leaving Valencia CF and transferring to Boca Juniors. Fernando Gago wasn't too keen on Pellegrino's sacking to say the least, as he and Pellegrino had a great relationships and the former coach was one of the reasons Gago joined Valencia CF, but since Pellegrino's sacking by the club due to a run of poor results, Gago had wanted to leave Valencia CF.

At one point he declared in the media that he was fine and would like to continue at Valencia CF, but in the past few days its become clear that he wants to leave. Boca Juniors have made it public that they would want Fernando Gago back, but said they didn't expect him to return as they would be unable to meet Valencia's price.

Valencia CF is quickly coming up with replacements for him and there are several names floating in the media as possible replacements, including Tomás Pina from Mallaorca and Javi Fuego from Rayo Vallecano.