Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Valencia CF vs Bate Borisov Match Preview

Valencia CF vs Bate Borisov Match Preview
Stadium: Mestalla
Date: 07.11.2012; 20:45 CET
4th matchday, Champions League
Coaches: Mauricio Pellegrino and Antoli Kapski

Valencia CF is coming to this match after a good run of form in the Champions League and of course after it trashed Bate Borisov 3-0 at their stadium, all three goals scored by Roberto Soldado in his first hat-trick this season.Valencia CF also just beat Atletico Madrid in the Spanish league ending their unbeaten run since basically late spring. This means Valencia CF is in good form and winning tonight against Bate Borisov will be a huge step in qualifying for the next round in the Champions League, a big objective for Valencia CF as it helps enormously financially and it isn't hurting in getting better sponsorship deals.

Apart from Jeremy Mathieu and Sergio Canales everyone else is fit and healthy and even though Rami had a small scare in the match against Atletico Madrid it seems it was just a suppressed vein which the physiotherapist seemed to fix right there at the scene, but Rami was still replaced as a percussion. Even Pablo Piatti has returned from injury and he is actually in the squad tonight to face Bate Borisov.

Last match Valencia CF against Bate Borisov was rather strange, Bate defended well, but the penalty opened up the game and as Bate Borisov tried to attack, Valencia CF sued the space and were able to score 3 times. Tonight Bate Borisov are not likely to make the same mistakes against Valencia CF and this is very likely going to be a tough and close match where both sides can win. Valencia CF must be 100% ready and focused in order to win and my worries are that some of the players may be tired as they played a really demanding match against Atletico Madrid, up until that time the most in form team in Europe.

Bate Borisov on the other hand have had a good run in the Champions League and in their domestic league. Their good run in the Champions League ended when they met Valencia CF basically, up until then they've beaten Bayern Munich and Lille. Bate Borisov also lost their last match in the Belorussian Premier League to Naftan, I suspect many of their top players were rested to keep them fresh for tonight's match.

Match Result Prediction:
Valencia CF 2-1 Bate Borisov
I feel like its going to be a tight and close match, I think Valencia CF are going to have more possession and control, but as until now we would lack penetration and unless some mistake by the Bate defense Valencia is going to struggle to score. I have a feeling that we are going to score the opening goal on a counter attack though, Bate Borisov would use the tiredness of our players and press, giving us chances on the counter that probably Soldado will score. The match would open up then and I suspect we are going to we just barely by 2 to 1.