Sunday, November 11, 2012

Real Valladolid 1-1 Valencia CF Match Report

Referees 5, Valencia CF 0. This game was given to Real Valladolid by the referee, overall the 5th game referees have given to other teams. Even in the Calciopoli refereeing scandal it wasn't this obvious there is massive cheating going on.

But lets go to the match for a moment here. Valencia CF started with a 4-3-3 formation with Gago as the defensive midfielder sitting deep, while Banega and Parejo were more advanced feeding balls forward. Nelson Valdez also started after his recent good performances. The match started with Valencia CF dominating possession and being on the attack.

It took a while until Valencia CF had a chance, but in the 14th minute Daniel Parejo hit the post from a free kick from the resulting play after that Valencia CF was given a free kick on the left side. Guardado took the free kick from which Cissokho scored.

Valencia CF would keep probing and trying, Valdez would have one decent chance after a good cross by Banega but was pushed out of the ball, then Guardado in the 37th minute would have a clear path in front of him, he shoots but the ball goes just wide.

Valencia CF dominated the match for most of the match, though it was lacking that forward punch as Feghuoli was quite lackluster and Valdez from an early head injury wasn't 100% and you can see he was struggling.

At half time Soldado was brought on for the obviously injured Valdez. Second half started much like the first with Valencia CF having the initiative and even scoring a goal that was deemed offside, which I'll come back to later and to all of the decisions that went against us this match that ultimately led to Valencias demise.

Minutes later after Valencia CF second goal, Real Valladolid had a counter attack and Cissokho was basically ahead of the chasing Valladolid player, got in front of the ball, was fouled by the Valladolid player and having being fouled he lost his footing stumbling towards the ball at which point he started falling as he was being overtaken and both players sort of stumbled upon each other. At worst this was too little to give a penalty at best it was foul on Cissokho. The paid shill of a referee decided that this was foul by Cissokho and no less a red card foul for havens sake that was the most ridiculous call I've seen for several months now, Valencias had bigger injustices done though overall. But the call was absurd, there was a foul alright, but it was against Cissokho, this also leads us earlier when Valdez was fouled in Valencia's penalty area as someone gave his a big hit in the stomach and it was a red card foul for sure, but the referee acted like he was blind and allowed play. Later on Valencia CF had a clear cut penalty as a Valladolid defender played with his hand, but once again the paid shill didn't call it, later on we had a clear absolutely onside goal rejected and the nail in the coffin was the penalty and red card of Cissokho, making sure Valencia CF wouldn't be able to come back if Valladolid scored.

Overall Real Valladolid barely saw out goal before we were down to two men. They had two chances overall, one shot hit the post in the first half and then another semi chance in the second half. Valencia CF wasn't particularly threatening in front of goal either, but we controlled the possession and tempo of the match, in an away match that is what you do to win and were on the right track to winning even with all the calls against us, but then a gifted penalty and a red card sealed the fate.

Pellegrino also made weird substitutions, he took out Banega and put in Tino, which was a weird substitution as Banega had a great match and Parejo was the invisible one, plus Tino is offensive as well, a defensive move would have been Albelda for Banega, certainly not Tino for Banega.

Then he had even weirder substitution as he took off Gago and put in Jonas in his place, when Valencia CF was already suffering for possession, this move pretty much made sure Valencia lost the midfield battle and Real Valladolid dominated from that moments on, with Valencia CF attacking only from weak counter attacks. In the final moments though we could have won as a series of shots made their way to I believe Rami who had a shot, but was blocked and that was the end of the match.

Technical Details:
R. Valladolid (1): Dani Hernández, Rukavina, Rueda, Óscar, Omar, Bueno, Peña (Bueno, min. 77), Álvaro Rubio (Sastre, min. 67), Víctor Pérez, Balenziaga y Manucho.
Valencia CF (1): Alves,  Cissokho, Rami, Gago (Jonas, min. 77), Feghouli, Ever (Tino Costa, min. 67), Barragán, Valdez (Soldado, min. 46), Guardado, Víctor Ruiz y Parejo.
Goals: 0-1 Min. 14 Cissokho 1-1 Min. 64 Víctor Pérez.

Player Ratings:
Diego 5 - Didn't have anything to do, apart from one stretch early on when the ball hit the post, one punch in the second half and then the penalty. Completely misread the penalty shot though and as a supposed penalty expert should have done better.
Barragan 4.5 - Ineffective performance by Barragan, failed to link up with Feghuoli, was beaten and out of position several times. Had few desperate crosses in attack that gifted the ball.
Rami 7 - Secure performance, won pretty much all air duels and made several crucial interceptions.
Ruiz 6.5 - A little less secure than Rami, but did well and had two good blocks and one header to clear a big threat from counter attack.
Cissokho 6.5 - Secure defensively, lost his man few times, but went forward do a great extent and scored Valencia's goal. He was fouled for the penalty and as he was falling he bumped into the Valladolid player basically and that was seen as a red card foul by the referee.
Gago 6 - Good performance as always, spread the ball well from defense, but did have several smaller mistakes and was out of position for some crucial counter attacks by Valladolid.
Parejo 5 - Not very effective, lost several passes and wasn't important in any play, came more to the forefront in the second half, but largely ineffective performance.
Banega 6.5 - Great performance overall with some fine passes and link up play. Had one wonderful cross for Valdez, though he had trouble sustaining his level for long periods and I think this is due to lack of fitness. Needs to loose few kilos and have more stamina exercises.
Feghuoli 5.5 - Rather anonymous performance this match, after having a great match just few days ago in the Champions League. Don't know if he was tired or doesn't have any understanding with Barragan, but very inefficient performance.
Valdez 5.5 - Started brightly with few good runs into the penalty area, catching few crosses and doing what he could with them, but after he headed with a Valladolid player he was pretty much done, being very ineffective.
Guardado 7 - Great performance by Guarado as he was a constant threat to Real Valladolid, having several good runs, few decent crosses and provided the assist for Cissokho.
Soldado 6 - Came on for Valdez on half time, but didn't show for it. Had one shot that was blocked, of course he had a goal neglected as well, he was onside.
Tino 5.5 - When he came in Valencia CF was with 10 players and failed to provide much relief in the middle. Maybe a bit better defensively than Banega and run more, but couldn't control proceedings.
Jonas N/A - Not enough time, though a weird substitution by Pellegrino, maybe he was watching from a TV and didn't have the best sense what was going on?