Saturday, October 6, 2012

Parejo wants to leave in January

Daniel Parejo
Daniel Parejo is considering leaving Valencia CF in January as he feels he is not getting enough playing time at Valencia CF and also feels like he is being treated badly for his performances.

Now I would add - no kidding, his performances have been really bad, how in the world would anyone cheer on that. Now I don't think insulting him on facebook and twitter is the way to go as some Spanish fans have done or whistling him every time he steps on the grass, but he needs to take responsibility and step up his game and prove everyone wrong with some great performances, he can't just whine and insult the club with thoughts of leaving as he has done constantly, or as his sister has done insult the club and fans directly.

Daniel Parejo knows that his situation is going to be worse once Ever Banega returns and he would find chances to play little and far between so he is looking to be able to leave in January.

Now Valencia CF would be interested in such a move, especially since we need a right wing and a central defender and we don't have the money to get both, so getting 6 million for Parejo would be good, but the question now becomes is he worth that much? Which team will offer 6 million or more for Parejo, especially having seen some of his terrible performances.

Here is an article I wrote about Daniel Parejo in December of 2011 saying that he is a liability and that he should go.

It holds more true today that it actually did back then, but again I know what I'm talking about. People's character rarely changes and we see this again now. I say sell him this time and reinforce the squad where we really need to like in defense and right wing.