Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Someone at RFEF is out to get Valencia CF

The Royal Spanish Football Federation commission is obviously out to get Valencia CF. As if blatant refereeing decisions going towards Barcelona and Real Madrid isn't enough, and Valencia CF 3 years in a row having refereeing decisions going in the favor of the big two when we play them, now the comissions has decided to penalize Sofiane Feghuoli for his double yellow into red card in the last match in La Liga, even though this rule is almost never used.

He supposedly under rule 117 disrespected the referee and as such is going to get 3 matches suspension. The club is obviously challenging this absurd and fraudulent rule with the match fixing Spanish football federation who need to be fully investigated themselves.

There is 100% match fixing going on with referees that needs to be investigated in Spain, its likely to be way bigger than the Italian scandal. RFEF, LFP, referees, all bodies need to be investigated.