Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Malaga want Carles Gil as replacement for Isco

Carles Gil Valencia CF
Malaga now want Carles Gil from Valencia CF B team, who now plays on loan at Elche and was one of their best players in the first few rounds before being injured.

Isco has become a star in Malaga and we all knew he was talented, we all knew he is going to become a great player, just not in Malaga. But since his rise to stardom the officials at Malaga are aware of the interest from bigger clubs from Isco and with their bad economic situation they are going to sell him in the summer and are looking for his replacement.

Carles Gil is basically the closest thing to Isco and has similar, albeit a little lower talent and potential as Isco.

That said Valencia CF is not selling and the club is likely to offer him an improved contract extension to keep him in Valencia CF.