Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Victor Ruiz goal onside

Every time Valencia CF plays against the big two, more like the protected two, refereeing decisions go against us. I mean last year vs Real Madrid and Barcelona, the year before that, this year at the start, every time there are decisions going against us. I mean if its just random chance why don't decisions go our way? Why is the last 3 years decisions constantly go against us and big decisions mind you, from disallowed goals to getting red cards.

The goal Victor Ruiz scored against Barcelona was 100% ONSIDE. This needs to be investigated, there can't be suspicious decisions every year against Valencia CF and be forgotten like its nothing. I really think there is something here, I really think the referees are getting paid or forced somehow to help these two teams.

From the image we can clearly see that Ruiz was at least 1 step behind the defender there.

More proof: