Thursday, September 20, 2012

Valdez and Soldado: "we played bad"

Roberto Soldado vs Bayern Munich Champions League
Roberto Soldado and Nelson Haedo Valdez gave press conferences and both said that Valencia CF played bad and that they should have done a lot better.

Soldado said: "We played quite bad, especially in the first half and we did a lot of mistakes in the middle of the park, loosing too many balls." He then concentrated on the next match vs Mallorca and said: "Ahead of us is a tough match against Mallorca and we must be focused on that right now, I'm sure we have room to improve".

Nelson Haedo Valdez goal celebration vs Bayern Munich
He then went back to the Bayern Munich match and said: "Tonight was a special match for me as I played the 100th match as a Valencia CF player. I hope I will continue to play much more games in this dress".

Valdez said: "We respected Bayern Munich too much and we allowed them too much space and possession, when we should have played our own recognizable game. We also lost the ball too many times and against German teams that is inconceivable". Someone should inform Valdez that our game is what we played last night without Ever Banega or at least Gago in the team.

He also said: "Bayern Munich was a big favorite, but we should have played better, I know we can and we have room to improve and I'm sure we can be a lot better in the next matches".

About his goal Valdez said: "I'm happy I scored tonight, but I don't think I will become a starter now, not with Soldado and Jonas in good form, but I will continue working hard and using my chances".