Friday, September 21, 2012

Gago still injured, Banega to return soon

Fernando Gago Valencia CF
Well there is some bad news about Gago. He is going to be out of the field for at least 2 more weeks as the doctors staff want to give him time to fully recoup and do some more analysis as he has been complaining on some pain. Scans and analysis so far haven't found anything wrong with Gago, but they think he should get a good rest and not risk anything. Gago is going to be doing light training though and he is going to be monitored all the time.

Jeremy Matheu is still injured as well, but his return is expected within a week and he should probably be ready for next week match in La Liga.

Ever Banega is close to returning as well and doctors says that within a month. He can start training normally and play within 10 days, but he is not going to be rushed into a competitive match for at least a full month from now. Either way this is good news as it means late next month we may even see Banega start in some match.

Sergio Canales is also coming along nicely and is going to be ready within about a month as well, though after the last time when his injury returned, he is not going to be rushed and is probably the last one from the injured bunch that will start playing, but expect him to start a match until the end of this year.