Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paco to Getafe, Pablo to Swansea

Well its official, Valencia CF have reached an agreement with Getafe over the loan deal for Paco Alcacer. The player has signed the agreement as well and is expected to travel to Getafe tomorrow.

Valencia CF technical director Braulio Vasquez talked to Mauricio Pellegrino and convinced him that this is the best option, since Pellegrino has said all along that he wants Paco to stay.

I think its probably the best option as well, I mean we've seen the past two games, Paco wasn't even in the squad and so instead of not playing at all, he'd get more chance at Getafe. There is always risk of having some of the attacker injured, but we are covered nicely, as we have Canales and Viera to play as AM and Piatti who can play pretty much everywhere.

Pablo Hernandez is close to leaving Valencia CF and transferring to Swansea City AFC, Pablo reiterated his stance on leaving once more, so Braulio has decided its best to let him got, rather than have a player in the team that doesn't want to be there.

I think this is a good solution, I actually said that letting Pablo go would be best, wrote about it in the forum, you should join if you still haven't. What I said is that Pablo wants to leave and has stated it numerous times, not selling him would just cause negativity and tension and he would pretty much be like if he wasn't here, he will not be motivated, he will be bitter and is likely to cause troubles in the dressing room as well.

Plus Valencia CF should have players that don't want to be there in the team, simple as that. So I think selling Pablo is the best option and if we get 7 million euros for him, would be pretty good for us. I rate him at 8 million euros, so anything lower than that is a loss, but at this point there are no other options.