Saturday, August 11, 2012

Eintracht Frankfurt 4-2 Valencia CF

Valencia CF played its last match of the preseason and lost to Eintracht Frankfurt 4-2. Mauricio Pelegrino started with a weaker side, as he gave all the key players a rest and started with a completely different team than from the match against Tottenham.

With so much changes you can clearly see the results as Frankfurt started controlling the match and pressing Valencia CF in front of goal immediately. One would have hoped it was just starting warm up and Valencia CF would start dominating, but it wasn't going to happen as Frankfurt continued having possession and attacking, probing Valencia CF defense.

Frankfurt would have few chances to score, but the goal would fall after a cross from the left side and Aigner would head the ball into the goal. Just 2 minutes later Frankfurt would score a second goal as Diego Alves came out of goal to punch the ball, but the ball traveled low and Inui would volley the ball, only to fall to Occean who slotted past Diego Alves easily.

Valencia CF would score few minutes later as well, after a great one-two pass with Viera and Piatti, Viera released Piatti in front of goal and this one scored to put Valencia CF back into the game.

First half pretty much ended there, with both sides having no particular effect in attack till the whistle blew. The second half started with Valencia CF improved a little bit, keeping the ball more into possession and having few chances. This would pay off and as early as the 50th minute Pablo would score an equalizer after another great assist by Viera.

Unfortunately while the general play improved a little the defense didn't and in fact Valencia CF would recieve another goal in the 63rd minute after no one was found marking on the right side and Frankfurt players were able to combine and Occean to score again.

Today all of the defense sucked. I mean they could not have played worse, and Rami was miserable as well, you can say the young B team players lacked experience and stuff, but Rami was just as bad, if not worse and Barragan was too much forward, forgetting about his defensive duties and with no one to cover that side.

Little later Rami would be substitured with Quintanilla and 3 minutes of him coming in, Frankfurt would score again, again creating one more man in attack that wasn't marked by anyone and scoring.

I'm going to write player ratings for this match, to get ready for the new season and get in the groove of things, so bare with me this time.

Technical Details:
Eintracht Frankfurt (4): Trapp, Butscher, Demidov (Anderson, min. 46), Oczipka (Hoffer, min. 65), Inuim (Djakpa, min. 65), Occéan (Kittel, min. 65), Meier, Aigner (Kempf, min. 65), Rode (Lanig, min. 46), Jung y Schwegler (Kittel, min. 65).

Valencia CF (2): Alves, Rami (Quintanilla, min. 77), Albelda (Alcácer, min. 77), Piatti, Barragán, Viera (Portu, min. 68), Pablo H., Parejo, Bernat (Feghouli, min. 77), C. Delgado y Salva Ruiz.

Goals: 1-0, 19min Aigner; 2-0, 22min Occéan; 2-1, 26min Piatti; 2-2, 51min Pablo H; 3-2, 62min Occéan; 4-2, 80min Hoffer.

Player Ratings:
Diego 6 - Did everything he can, had few good saves, but was totally left down by the defense today.
Barragan 5 - Active in attack and was involved in few actions, but forgot his defensive duties and was no where to be found at the back in several of Frankfurt's attacks.
Rami 3 - Miserable performance. Made several mistakes, two big amateur mistakes and was directly responsible for one goal.
Delgado 3 - Just terrible performance, didn't know how to position and was involved with few mix ups with Salva Ruiz. 
Salva 3 - Like the rest of the defense he did poorly, got outjumped for one of the goal, his marking was off and had few mix ups with Delgado for positioning.
Albelda 4 - Didn't quite see him play a lot, wasn't too good at covering for the defense either, he is old, but should have used his experience better.
Parejo 6 - Decent performance, was largely alone in trying to control the midfield and did what little he could.
Pablo 6 - Mixed performance, he did score a goal and had one good shot at goal, was involved in few other actions as well, but failed to exert his influence and failed to link up with the rest of the team.
Viera 8 - Amazing performance, great first touch, amazing vision and really good short passing. Provided two assists today and was largely involved in all of Valencia CF attacks.
Bernat 4 - Some nice dribbles here and there and showed off some technical skills, but where it matters he lacks  Didn't start, build-up or finish any actions, was too secure and didn't seem like he wanted to take any chances. Was missing for long periods of time.
Piatti 6 - Scored a goal and had good link-up play with Viera, not a striker, but he certainly showed he can play there possibly as an impact sub. Certainly a versatile players and did pretty good today.
None played enough to be rated.