Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chori Dominguez to go to Rayo Vallecano

Chori Domizguez is likely to continue his career in Rayo Vallecano after reaching personal agreement with them and is now negotiating the rescind of his contract, which Valencia CF want to be able not to pay damages to Chori, and he's likely to back down from his request of damages, since he knows there is no alternative than to basically stay at Valencia CF and not play or train with the rest of the team and waste one year.

Chori Dominguez had really bad relationship with Unai Emery and had some bad moments, but most importantly influenced Ever Banega in a bad way and was loaned out to River Plate, since the load ended and coming to Valencia CF he had an intent of getting on the good side of Pellegrino, but after a meeting Braulio and Pellegrino had it was decided he'd be a bad influence on the team and he was shut out of the team and allowed to train by himself.

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