Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Aly Cissokho close to Valencia CF and more news

Aly Cissokho agent Abrizio Ferrari commented in the French media that in the next few days there is a big chance Aly Cissokho will become a new Valencia CF member, as the player and Valencia CF have reached an agreement and now only the clubs negotiate for the transfer fee, with Lyon demanding 8 million euros and Valencia CF offering 7 million euros.

His agent said that several more clubs were interested in the players services including Juventus from Italy, but Valencia CF was the fastest and most resolved to get him.

So expect Aly Cissokho to sign for Valencia CF very soon as Valencia are not likely to miss this opportunity and bid 8 million euros to get him.

In other news Valencia CF sporting director Braulio Vasquez reiterated once again that Juan Bernat is not for sale as he spoke with Juan's agent and said Valencia CF already rejected few offers for Juan Bernat.

Then there is Pablo Hernandez who is itching to leave and has once more reiterated to the Valencia CF staff that he wants to leave. Valencia CF is willing to sell Pablo Hernandez to Swancea City AFC, but only at the right price and would not listen to any offers bellow 6 million euros. I actually have Pablo Hernandez worth 8 million euros in my evaluation, so anything less than that actually is a rather poor deal. He is still worth that much, no matter how much he wants to leave.