Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Valencia CF 4-0 Osasuna - player ratings

Guaita 5 - Not tested at all. I think he only had to make 2 easy saves.
Barragan 6 - Not troubled defensively at all and went forward to good extend, linking up nicely with Pablo.
Rami 6 - Easy match for Rami as he wasn't troubled and dealt with what little came his way nicely.
R. Costa 6 - Same as Rami. Dealt with what little had to deal with nicely.
Alba 8.5 (MotM) - Amazing play by Alba and one that attracts big sides like Barcelona to him. Great offensive display with blistering fast movement, good crosses and great link up play with Piatti. Provided one assist and involved in all but one of the goals.
Albelda 5.5 - Not troubled defensively, although he broke up few Osasuna attacks. Generally a useful asset and assisted with the passing in midfield.
Tino Costa 5.5 - A bit more offensive, some decent crosses, but wasn't instrumental in the play or the win.
Pablo 7.5 - Great performance tonight for the under pressure winger and performances like this help bring the confidence in him. Good crosses and play with Barragan on the side, caused Osasuna problems throughout.
Jonas 6.5 - Reserved performance in the first half, wasting some good chances, similar play in the second half until he found himself in the right place at the right time on two occasions and scored two goals.
Mathieu 5 - Probably played more defense this match, but didn't offer anything and wasn't challenged at the back. Replaced early and justifiably by Piatti.
Soldado 5 (FotM) - Had two decent chances, but failed to convert them into goals. Generally slow and clumsy, he is obviously out of form.
Piatti 7.5 - Great performance from the little Argentinian, amazing link-up play with Alba on the left and started off two of the actions that lead to goals and provided the assist to the third goal.
Aduriz 7.5 - Changed the game. Was there to score the first goal and that changed the game completely. Scored one more and involved with the fourth goal.
Parejo 5 - Didn't have much time to influence the game and actually failed to do so. If it was up to him Valencia would have probably drawn.