Sunday, May 27, 2012

Soldado left out of Spain's squad for Euro 2012

Soldado left out of Spain's Euro 2012 squad in an unbelievable decision by Del Bosque that has the mediocre Pedro who had the worst season get in, as well as Torres who couldn't even get ahead of 34 years old Drogba and even youngster Daniel Sturidge at Chelsea.

It is now official, Del Bosque has no clue what he is doing and should be sacked immediately after the Euro 2012. He even picked Negredo over Soldado in what is a terrible decision that's shocked the whole world.

I don't see anyone defending his decision to remove Soldado and all over the media and fan sites people are furious over this ridiculous decision.

Jordi Alba did make it though, but I think the decision to leave out Soldado would and should cost Del Bosque his job and probably the title.