Sunday, May 13, 2012

Real Sociedad 1-0 Valencia CF - Player Ratings

Diego 6 - Had 2 good saves, but couldn't do much about the goal. Didn't have too much to do.
Bruno 5.5 - Wasn't troubled at the back at all, but he still failed to go forward often and when he did, wasn't at all threatening.
Costa 6 - Solid defensively and dealt with everything Sociedad could throw at him. Not at fault for the goal.
Dealbert 5.5 - Was slow to react for the goal and could have made a difference if he was more reactive. Did well with few challenges.
Alba 6 - Mixed bag performance, in some cases he did very well and in others rather poor.
Maduro 6 - Had one crucial intervention in defense and generally dealt with Sociedad's midfield, but nothing to brag home about.
Tino 5.5 - Not too influential, mixed bag with the corners, one decent free kick towards the end and rather uninventive passing sums up Tino's performance.
Feghuoli 7.5 (MofM) - Best performer of the night, before being substituted by Emery early on in the second half. Had some nice accurate crosses, linked up play with Bernat and Pablo and popped up in dangerous positions.
Bernat 6 - Was quite good for his time on the pitch and caused Sociedad quite a few problems. Made few amateur mistakes, but that's just the process of learning. Good overall showing.
Pablo 5 (FotM) - Started really bad, missing passes, loosing the ball, making the wrong decisions. Improved a bit in the second half, but ultimately a failed performance.
Aduriz 5 - Missed a sitter in the first half where he could have sit, order coffee, drink it and decide where to shoot, he decided to lob and utterly failed at that with the ball going out. Had two decent headers, but quite ineffective.
Jonas 5 - Wasn't too involved, had two shots that did nothing. Poor performance.
Piatti 5.5 - More involved than Jonas and had few nice plays and sort of one-twos, ran at Sociedad's defense, but ultimately didn't achieve much.
Paco N/A - Not enough time, although if he was introduced sooner or even started instead of Aduriz, I feel like he would have probably scored a goal, as his running was pretty intelligent and dangerous.