Saturday, May 12, 2012

I was right about Barcelona and La Liga

Before the start of the 2011/12 season I wrote an article titled "Valencia CF will destroy FC Barcelona"and while this was to gain attention more than anything, I was right about the premise about Barcelona's fall this season and everything happened exactly as I wrote. David Villa got to a really bad start and then got injured long term, Xavi started well, but finished bad, Puyol was riddled with injuries and wasn't at full form even when fit, Inesita predictably didn't perform to his best when without Xavi, Pedro turned out to be a flop just like Bojan Krkic and the arrival of Cesc Fabregas actually turned out to hurt Barcelona more than help.

I know many are now probably wondering what in the hell am I talking about? How has Cesc arrival been bad for Barcelona?

Well thing is I knew about Cesc possible arrival before I wrote the article and I knew it is a high possibility, but I knew that ultimately it won't make a difference, because I knew about Guardiola's wish to play "total football" or have the whole team be basically midfielders, but I knew that this will also be his downfall as it would only crowd the midfield and hinder Barcelona's own play and style. I knew it Guardiola would play Cesc alongside Xavi and Iniesta and Busquets and I knew that he will be playing the 3-4-3 often this season and this is why I wrote the article confident about it, whether Cesc arrived or not.

I also predicted that Valencia CF would come closer to Barcelona and Real Madrid and this was actually the case in the first half of the season. What exactly happened in the second half I am still not exactly sure, but point is this was still a more successful season that last year for example as we went further in the Copa and Europa League, than in recent years. While Valencia did not destroy Barcelona, it did come out as equal on 3 occasions and some may argue even better in at least one.

I also predicted that Real Madrid would win La Liga and that is now confirmed.

Stay tuned for end of season awards and choosing of our best player this season, best newcomers and worst player of the season.