Monday, May 14, 2012

Dealbert, Bruno and others leaving Valencia CF

The season is over and its time for the usual summer transfers and moves. In Valencia CF we have few players that will be leaving this summer as free agents and these are Angel Dealbert, Bruno Saltor, Miguel Brito and very likely Hedwiges Maduro, while Aritz Aduriz is looking likely to be sold and Jordi Alba is a mystery and will depend if Barcelona get Gareth Bale.

So right now Valencia CF is looking for a new right back and has been looking for some time now with the choice between Mathieu Debuchy and Joao Pereira. Since Dealbert has confirmed he is leaving this season, we are looking at additional center back to replace him with Alberto Botia from Sporting Gijon the prime target as his team has been relegated and he would be the perfect replacement as a young and talented player, but that can sit on the bench.

Miguel Brito is most certainly a done deal, although we haven't heard much about it from the club or anything from the player, and then here is Maduro who would like to get more first team football and will probably be moving back to Holland. Most likely we are going to bring in a replacement for Maduro who can compete for first team football and that player is Bruno Soriano from Villarreal who have now been relegated and are going to be selling some of their best players this season due to the relegation, but from financial reasons as well.

Aritz Aduriz has said that he will talk to the club about his future, but it is known that the team is looking to replace Aduriz, but only if they find a suitable replacement. If Aduriz leaves he will most likely go to Atletico Bilbao or in the Premier League.
The name mentioned to replace Aduriz is Oliver Giroud, but he is likely to cost too much and has offers from other clubs as well ans his price can only skyrocket after the Euro 2012, unless of course France embarrass themselves once again, which is highly unlikely.