Sunday, April 8, 2012

Real Madrid 0-0 Valencia CF

Guaita 7 - Some great saves by Guaita to prevent Real Madrid from scoring.
R. Costa 5 (FOTM) - Did average on the right side, made few mistakes and didn't offer much in attack.
Rami 7 - Great match by Rami, one of the few he hasn't made any mistake and dealt with every Madrid attack.
Ruiz 6.5 - Similar performance as Rami, though a bit less effective and had to make some last ditch tackles.
Alba 7 (MOTM) - Great performance at the back and was rarely challenged, offered support in attack and had few good opportunities in attack as well.
Topal 6.5 - Good match by Topal, had some key intervention in the middle and defense and was very reliable in helping the defense.
Parejo 5.5 - Had quite a lot of defensive duties and really helped out in defense, short and accurate passes to get the ball rolling in the midfield as well.
Feghuoli 6 - Great start to the match and one of the most active and dangerous members of Valencia, somewhat subdued in the second half and was replaced by Pablo.
Tino Costa 6.5 - Good performance at a more advanced position, had several shots, two of which hit the post. Good ball retaining and retained quite a bit of possession for Valencia.
Piatti 6 - Didn't cause too many troubles at the right, but was in position to shoot few times and had one good shot saved by Casillas.
Aduriz 5.5 - Not very effective, although was an aerial presence from corners and had a few headers.
Mathieu 5.5 - Wasn't better than Piatti and apart from a chance soon after his arrival that he could have easily converted into goal, was rather modest in his contribution forward.
Pablo 5.5 - Had two shots towards Real Madrid goal, but wasn't a constant threat and tended to drift into the middle of the pitch.
Soldado 5.5 - One good header to grant Alba a good opportunity, didn't have time to impact the game.