Sunday, April 15, 2012

Poll Results

Hi there, here are the poll results I've run for about 2 weeks and about 111 votes total.

What Manager?
Andre Villas-Boas 34 votes, 30%
Keep Unai Emery 33 votes, 29%
Marcelo Bielsa 14 votes, 12%
Didier Deschamps 11 votes, 9%
Mauricio Pochetino 9 votes, 8%
Luis Mila 4 votes, 3%
Other 4 votes, 3%
Laurent Blanc 2 votes, 1%

Personally I voted for Didier Deschamps. I think he is one of the most accomplished coaches from the bunch and yet comes with lower salary than say AVB or Laurent Blanc. He has also played for Valencia CF for a season at the end of his career as a player and has at least some connection to the club.

As far as Emery goes after today's heavy 4-0 defeat at the hands of Espanyol his career at Valencia CF is practically for all intense and purposes over. He's done what he could, he stabilized the club and deserves credit and respect for what he has done, but his time at Valencia CF is over and he needs to leave in the summer and a new manager to be brought in to Valencia, preferably Didier Deschamps or AVB.