Saturday, March 17, 2012

Valencia CF should raid Swansea AFC for players

I have been following Swansea AFC from the Premier League and have seen few of their matches, they play very good and have one of the best defenses right now in the Premier League. What is so great about Swansea is that this is their first year in the Premier League, after coming from the lower ranks and they have been doing amazing, in large thanks to a rock solid defense.

So I feel like Valencia CF should really look at some of Swansea players, especially from the defense like Williams and Rangel. Most of these players are likely to come cheap as well, since they are still considered second tier players, but this could change come the summer and Valencia CF would be wise to react now and try to snatch some of their players.

If Ricardo Costa and Dealbert are to leave in the summer, then certainly snapping one or two of Swansea's defenders would be great.