Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Valencia CF push to sign Gregory van der Wiel

With more and more options opening up for the right back position for Valencia CF, the club will make another and probably final push to seal the deal for the transfer of Gregory van der Wiel with Ajax.

Ajax currently want 10 million euros for the transfer of Van der Wiel, but Valencia CF is only willing to pay 8 million euros. There are also differences about the time to pay the full amount with Valencia CF planing on paying for him over a year in few instances, while Ajax is pushing for two part payment, one at the day of the transfer and then about 6 months later the rest of the payment.

With good options like Mathieu Debuchy opening up, Valencia CF is in a hurry to make a deal and not to miss out on the few great players that they are tracking.

Expect in the next month to find out if Van der Wiel will join Valencia CF or not. Valencia CF will also like to seal a transfer deal before the summer, when there will be more competition and prices are likely to go up!