Monday, March 5, 2012

Valencia CF looking at Andre Villas Boas as Emery's replacement

With Andre Villas Boas being sacked by Chelsea FC the media frenzy is on and there are many reports on who might Andre coach next. There are strong reports that Valencia CF top branch are interested in Andre Villas Boas and see him as the perfect replacement for Unai Emery who is likely to leave in the summer, unless he gets to the Europa League finals.

Rumor has it Andre Villas Boas fancies Valencia CF and would accept a position over Inter, but the main problem is money as he requires about 3 million salary, something Llorente isn't quite ready to offer yet.

One of the advantages with Valencia CF is that he is not going to be under pressure to win the league and will have the time and support to improve the team. He is also vary of taking over in this time of the season and would much easier accept a job in the summer.