Thursday, March 15, 2012

Negotations with Ajax over Van der Wiel fail

As I informed you earlier Valencia wanted to reach a deal over Van der Wiel fast as time was going out and Valencia CF want to sign a right back before the summer comes and prices start to sky rocket.
After the arrival of Valencia CF in Holland the management team met with Ajax management to continue the negotiations over the transfer of Gregory van der Wiel. Valencia CF technical secretary Braulio Vazquez attempted to reach an agreement, but the two sides failed to come to an agreement.

Ajax wants about 10 million euros for Gregory van der Wiel and Valencia CF max offer is 8 millions euros. While the negotiations are not completely dead, Valencia CF will now focus on other targets and second in line is Lille's Mathieu Debychu, although this is going to be very difficult as well as reports have it that Bayern Munich, PSG and Inter Milan are interested in the player.