Sunday, March 25, 2012

Getafe CF 3-1 Valencia CF - Player Ratings

Valencia CF lost yet another match and this is getting really ridiculous. The team has been absolutely terrible ever since the winter break and things have gone from bad to worse. Right now there must be something done, even firing Unai Emery within the season in order to have a small boom to propell us to a third place spot. Right now not only is 3rd place under threat, 4th place is also under threat.

Guaita 4.5 - Could have done better for Burno's own goal, but his punch was weak and the ball went into the net. Not to blame for the other goals, but a poor match overall from him.
Bruno 4.5 - Unable to do anything forward and wasn't really convincing in defense either with the own goal being the highlight.
Rami 5 - Not responsible for the goals, but where is the communication between the defense, must take blame.
Ruiz 4.5 - Was gone for the second goal and this allowed Getafe to have more men in the penalty area and score. Nowhere to be found on the other goals either.
Alba 5 - Poor challenge for the cross that lead to the second goal, was nowhere for the third either and did nothing in attack.
Topal 5 - Obviously wasn't very effective helping out in defense and didn't contribute anything in attack either.
Parejo 5.5 - Has no clue in defending and while he is decent in keeping possession his passes are safe and not good enough to help spur on attacks.
Feghuoli 5 - Useless. Failed to do anything at all. Did not dribble, cross or anything, just returned the ball as soon as he'd get it.
Jonas 5.5 - Good movement and pass to assist Soldado for the goal, but took to many touches and dribbles after and failed to be dangerous at all.
Piatti 5 - Invisible. Barely had any effect and didn't contribute anything.
Soldado 6 - Scored a goal, but that was about it. Not much service from his teammates.
Pablo 6 - Better than Feghuoli, but that doesn't say much. Wasn't too effective.
Mathieu N/A - Game was over when he arrived
Aduriz N/A - NET

 There is no top or flow of the match because everyone was a flop and that is just the sad reality of our play tonight.