Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Demand Manuel Llorente speak with players as well

Hey all. We need to demand for Valencia CF president to talk with the players as well. He's had few meetings with Unai Emery, but I think the players need to be engaged as well.

We can't blame Unai Emery for every bad result and while I do think he should leave in the summer(I've been a huge supporter of him until recently) we need to get the results this season like finishing 3rd and going to the Europa League quarter final and at least semi final.

They can't be shielded from responsibility, because its the players who are ultimately playing.

I'm not going to allow Jeremy Mathieu to play like a dead corpse now for more than a month, playing without any kind of motivation or conviction.
Adil Rami has been playing terribly for at least a month as well and Tino Costa has been the worst player in the past two months and hasn't really been prime example in training or private life either with conflicts with the coach because he didn't train hard enough few times and now the latest re-tweeting a tweet and calling for the dismissal of Emery and Llorente.

We need the right kind of attitude and we need it right now and Manuel Llorente needs to have a talk with the players as well and we also need Albelda the captain and oldest players of the club to come out and demand the team improve!

I'm calling on everyone to mail, call, email and those who can meet with the team officials and demand Llorente speaks with the players and demand accountability from the players as well.

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