Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valencia CF 1-2 Sevilla FC - player ratings

Guaita 6 - Maybe could have done better for the second goal, but not really at fault and dealt with crosses and such well.
Bruno 6.5 (MotM) - Was very good defensively and went forward to a good degree, don't know why he was replaced with Barragan of all people when Valencia were loosing.
Rami 4 (FotM) - Missing for the first and second goal and generally looked shaky all night. Should be replaced with Dealbert for some time.
Ruiz 5.5 - Nowhere to be seen for the second goal, but as always did have some nice tackles and marking.
Alba 6 - Failed to offer much in offense and while not troubled when he was back, it was a limited performance.
Albelda 5 - Early card and that prevented him to be more aggressive. Failed to break up Sevilla's attacks and lost the midfield battle.
Tino 5 - With this kind of performance Parejo may prove himself sooner than he'd hoped. Apart from the goal was almost invisible and unable to move the team forward or retain possession.
Feghuoli 5 - Few bright sparks here and there, but a far cry from a good performance.
Jonas 5 - Few nice touches, few bright moves, but ultimately failed to change the outcome in any way and the game mostly passed by him.
Mathieu 4 - Lost Navas for the first goal and was ineffective in attack.
Soldado 5 - Not enough service. In fact the whole team barely had few chances.
Aduriz 5.5 - Tried really hard after he came in and had a try and involved in few actions, but couldn't muster a goal.
Barragan 5.5 - Didn't improve over Bruno and I have no idea why he was put on the field.
Pablo N/A - Not enough time, although he was probably the most active of the rest in his time.

Unai Emery 3 - Rami has been playing rather poorly for at least 2 weeks now and should have noticed that and started Dealbert over him. Tino has been playing very poorly for a month or more and Parejo should have gotten the starting spot in absence of Banega. Played with Alba and Mathieu on the left and while its a good move in some cases, its never been a consistent things and performances have been hit and miss.

My opinion: I would have started with Barragan, Dealbert over Rami, Costa and Alba in the midfield. Rami has been playing poorly the past two or three weeks and should have been left out of the starting eleven.
I would have played with Albelda and Ruiz in midfield. I really feel like Ruiz can fit very well in the midfield with his passing range and play style. If that didn't work, I would have probably made a change at half time and bring Parejo over Ruiz.
On left wing I would have started Piatti and I feel like his pace would have caused Sevilla troubles at the back. The rest would have been the same.

I feel like Mathieu, Tino and Rami have been playing rather poorly over the past few weeks and need to be dropped and told to improve their game.