Friday, February 24, 2012

Valencia CF 1-0 Stoke City - player ratings

Guaita 6 - Had two wonderful saves to deny Stoke and was commanding in the air.
Bruno 6.5 - Bruno has surprised me with his performances against Stoke. Seems like he doesn't trouble with strong and fast players running at him and his weakness is technically good players.
Rami 6 - Good game by Rami, was good in the air and confident when dealing with the opposition.
Dealbert 6 - Keeps surprising me, yet another good performance, with only one early mistake and was rock solid after.
Alba 5.5 - His size really was important here as he got out jumped every time and got beaten a few times. Wasn't particularly effective going forward either.
Topal 6.5 - Good game by the Turk, made some good defensive tackles and good interceptions in the penalty area and spread the ball with effective simple and short passes.
Parejo 6 - Finally a good match by Parejo, albeit not impressive. He retained possession well and his passes were mostly accurate and and positive.
Pablo 6.5 (MotM) - Good game by Pablo who was really in his element tonight. Provided the assist to the goal, after a fine dribble to leave his defender behind.
Jonas 6 - Scored the goal and was involved in a lot of the attacks, fell back and helped out in midfield as well.
Piatti 5 - Very active on the left, but he really seems to find his stride on the right. So far whenever he has played left has been decent, but not very efficient, but when he's played right on the wing, has been very effective.
Aduriz 5 - Got the spot instead of Soldado, but wasn't convincing. His movement was good and was a big presence with his height in Stoke's penalty area, but failed to get in dangerous shooting positions.
Feghuoli 5 - Didn't show very much in his 20 minutes. Lost couple balls and his crosses were fail.
Soldado 4.5 - Same as Feghuoli and didn't show much. Had one great chance after he found himself alone in front of the goalkeeper, but shot straight at Thomas Sorensen.