Monday, February 20, 2012

FC Barcelona 5-1 Valencia CF - Player Ratings

Diego 5.5 - At fault for the second goal. Made several great saves after, but when you are responsible for the opposition leading after such a goal, it doesn't matter. He also received 4 more.
Miguel 6 - Great start to the match, was very firm in defense and combining well with Feghuoli, but then got injured.
Rami 0 - Absolute disaster. He was Dealbert at his worst minus 100 times. Horrendous performance tonight.
Ruiz 4 - Did better than Rami, but that doesn't say much. To his defense he was let down by Mathieu time and time again and was forced most of the time to be a left back as well.
Mathieu 3.5 - Mathieu's worse performance. I don't know what his problem was, but he just didn't run, didn't block, just mindlessly stood in defense.
Albelda 5.5 - Did what he could. It was another reliable and industrial performance, but wasn't at his best as he received a yellow card very early in the match and under pressure for red.
Tino 4 - Completely overrun in the midfield and this his his straight 3rd or 4th game where he has been sub-par, in this one Barcelona danced around him.
Feghuoli 6.5 - Had a good game, amidst a poor team performance, had several runs and some good passes, but couldn't do it alone.
Jonas 5.5 - Two amazing passes and very calm on the ball, but failed to help out the midfield or do much more than few passes.
Piatti 6 - Great run to score the first goal, tried really hard thought and helped in defense, but just didn't happen.
Soldado 5 - Completely isolated at front, only received 1 useful ball in the whole game. No service today at all.
Ricardo Costa 4 - Bad performance, was beaten over and over again and with the incompetent Rami made a mess out of the game at the back.
Alba 5.5 - Improved upon Mathieu in defense and had one good run after he came on, but the team was not up to it and so he couldn't really do much.
Topal N/A - Not enough time