Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FC Barcelona 2-0 Valencia CF Match Report

FC Barcelona 2-0 Valencia CF
Possesion: 66%-34%
Fouls: 12-22
Shots: 14-4

The match started fairly calmly with both sides trying to establish control in midfield with Valencia CF being more successful in the early stages and pressuring Barcelona aggressively and deep in their territory and this would have an effect and Barcelona players would commit quite a few errors.

First chance was for Valencia in the 12th minute with Mathieu's great through ball to Feghuoli who was basically alone on goal, but his shot was inaccurate.

15h minute counter chance for Barcelona and their actual first chance and Fabregas converts it into goal after poor marking by Miguel and an even poorer reaction and positioning by Diego Alves.

18th minute a huge blunder by Rami who gives the ball to Messi, trying to pass to Banega, Messi sprints towards the goal and shoots, but Alves was alert and saves.

Good save by Digeo once again in the 25th minute after a shot by Messi after the free kick. Minutes later Barcelona would start pushing hard on goal and would get their chance in the 31st minute with Diego clearing the ball short to Ruiz and this one fails to receive the ball properly and ends up giving it to Fabregas or Messi, but luckily the shot is saved by Diego yet again.

36th minute one more chance for Fabregas after Mathieu fails to get the ball off of him in some very poor marking, but once again this shot was saved by Diego.

Valencia would try to get something going and in the 39th minute it would come close to Pinto's goal, but Jonas shot is blocked.

Ultimately the first half was rather poor and we are lucky the result is still only 1-0 for Barcelona after their several chances to score.

Second half started and a quick chance for Alba as he gets to a pass from Jonas and in front of goal, but Pinto reacts fast and saves.

53th minute Chance for Messi as he escapes Ramim but Ruiz is close and blocks with a sliding challenge. Just a minute later Messi goes past Jonas, Albelda and Ruiz and manages to shoot at goal, but Diego saves.

58th minute chance for Valencia CF as Aritz Aduriz finds himself in decent position and Pinto is out of goal, but Aduriz fails fails to score as Mascherano gets to the ball and heads it out.

62nd minute Ruiz gets the ball kicked off his legs by Alexis and the ball finds its way to Messi whonow has huge chance, but Diego or Ruiz just manage to get to him and get the ball to go just wide and into corner. 

72th minute Mathieu tries to pass to the lone Aduriz after a counter attack, but only gets a corner. From the corner Jonas manages a volley, but Pinto saves.

74th minute good chance for Barcelona, but Miguel is there and blocks.

79th minute good chance for Aduriz , but he slips just as he is to shoot and ruins his chance.
Minute later Barcelona make it 2-0 after a quick counter attack in which 3 Barca players find themselves against 2 Valencia defenders and Xavi scores while being all alone and unchallenged by anyone.

From there the match was basically over and Barcelona had few more tries and chances, but the match ended 2-0 for Barcelona after a deserved victory in which Valencia CF had very little chances of even drawing and not to mention winning.

Player Ratings:
Diego (MotM) 7.5 - Man of the match even though the saves weren't that hard to make, but he did have quite a lot of them so he gets a good score and man of the match.
Miguel 5 - Dealt with most of what came from Cuenca and Abidal and not overly troubled.
Rami 4 - Terrible night from the Frenchmen as he made few huge blunders and only gets a reasonable 4 because he actually did make few decent tackles and blocks.
Ruiz 4 - Same as Rami. Was better in the first half, but as if not to let Rami look bad did the same blunders Rami did in the first half.
Alba 6.5 - Actually good performance on an individual level and had few good runs forward that if he had a little bit more luck could have converted.
Albelda 6 - Good match from the veteran and steady as always and simple in his play.
Banega 5 - Was overrun in midfield and had no chance against Xavi and Thiago. Some cheap and inaccurate passes as well.
Feghuoli 5 - Started well and was involved in some attacks, but got himself taken out with two yellows after a stupid and needless foul on Puyol in Barcelona's half.
Jonas 5.5 - Not too involved and didn't drop deeper to try and help the midfield. Had two good plays with a pass to Alba and a good velley shot, but he was too invisible to get a better score.
Mathieu 5 - Very ineffective in attack as he was by formation the more forward of him and Alba, but failed to do anything of note and wasn't very effective in defense as well.
Aduriz 5.5 - Had few decent chances, but he failed to convert them reacting rather poorly in all of them. Got in good positions though, but it just didn't go his way.
Tino 5 - Did not offer anything over Banega and was as isolated and ineffective as Banega before him.
Piatti 5 - Could not make any difference.
Parejo N/A - not enough time.