Monday, February 6, 2012

Atletico Madrid 0-0 Valencia CF match report

Atletico Madrid 0-0 Valencia CF
Possesion: 48%-52%
Fouls: 22-21

Atletico Madrid and Valencia CF shared the spoils tonight and ended up both getting a point with a goalless draw. The match itself was interesting, although it didn't have many chances on both sides. Most of the play was in midfield and both teams were evenly matched. Both team would have good chances to score with both sides unable to convert their chances into goals.

Atletico Madrid would have the more direct chances including one towards the end and then one went through Rami legs, but deflected to a corner.

With so little chances most of the battle was in the midfield and both teams were at the same level with pretty much equal ball possession, with the latest statistic having Valencia 52% of the ball control vs the 48% for Atletico Madrid.

First chance would come for Atletico in the 8th minute with a shot by Arda, but Diego Alves saved the goal without too much trouble.

Then in the 28th minute Valencia had a chance through Piatti, who's shot was saved by Atletico goalkeeper.

The other interesting thing was when Diego gave Diego Godin a KO trying to punch the ball and hit Godin with his elbow.

79th minute Diego would fire a shot, but Diego saves again no big deal and then in the 88th minute a huge chance for Atletico Madrid after Rami made a big blunder and miss-kicked the ball, but luckilly nothing came out of it as Diego once again claimed the ball.

Player Ratings:
Diego 6.5 - Assured performance and when called upon made the saves.
Miguel 4.5 - Largely anonymous performance with few lapses of concentration.
Rami 5.5 - Started well making several interceptions and ruined a good performance with his late game mistake.
Ruiz 5 - Started shakier of the defensive duo, but improved as the game wore on and made few good blocks.
Alba 6 - Had a good defensive display and more offensive than Mathieu at times on the side there.
Albelda 6.5 - Great performance from the veteran who made some key interceptions and fouls at key moments to stem the Atletico Madrid attacks.
Tino 5 - Largely anonymous performance with more defensive play and wasn't very influential in midfield as the midfield was constantly bypassed from defense to offense.
Pablo 4 - One of those really bad performances where he did not do enough and what he did was all bad or didn't work.
Piatti 5.5 - Drifted on the left side and unable to link up play forward, but was active in trying and has few decent moments.
Mathieu 5.5 - Some good and some bad moments for Mathieu and while the left wing was a lot more dangerous than the right it doesn't say much as both Miguel and Pablo were bad tonight. Had few defensive lapses later in the match.
Soldado 5.5 - Did run channels and tried to position himself in a good position, but he lacked service tonight.
Aduriz 5.5 - Did well after coming off for Soldado and found himself in few decent positions, but as Soldado really lacked service.
Jonas 5 - Did not have enough time and the match largely passed by him.
Bernat N/A - Not enough time.