Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sevilla FC 2-1 Valencia CF (2-2 agg) - player ratings

Diego 5.5 - Did great in the first half, but very insecure at the second and could have possibly done more for the second goal.
Miguel 6.5 - Good game from the Portuguese, rarely troubled and dealt with everything on his side fairly easily.
Rami 5.5 - Few silly mistakes and one blunder early in the game, but improved as the game wore on, but not the most assuring defending.
Ruiz 4 - Did well in the first half and looked the securer of the two defenders, but way worse in the second half with a lot of terrifying moments, scoring an own goal being of of those.
Mathieu 5.5 - Had a mixed game, several good tackles and marking, but got beaten few times as well.
Albelda 5.5 - Did well enough to cover, but made few bad passes in the first half giving away possesion in bad positions.
Banega 5.5 - Had some good moves and passes, but could not stamp his authority and did loose the ball several times in bad positions.
Feghuoli 5 - Run consistently all over the pitch and he is a machine in that sense, but lacked dribbling and technical skills to do much forward.
Jonas 6 - Was largely anonymous until a perfect deep pass to Soldado for the goal.
Alba 6.5 - One of the best performers on the pitch with good forward runs and good defending as well.
Soldado 6.5 - Scored a goal with a superb finish and was generally a threat with his runs for Sevilla.
Tino 5 - Didn't do much and failed to have much contact with the ball as he was mostly acting as another defensive midfielder.
Parejo N/A - Not enough time
Pablo N/A - Not enough time

Finally in recent history to be able to go deeper into some competition and hopefully we continue with good results. The match itself was quite interesting and very scary towards the end as the suspension mounted and the last 2 minutes were hearth stopping. I don't know how much more of these games I can handle.

From the start it was all about Sevilla with ruthless pressure on our players forcing them to make errors and then having chances on goal. Diego Alves was called few times in the first half with two good opportunities for Sevilla, but Diego was on task and managed to defend. It was only around the 30th minute when the pressure dissipated and Valencia CF started playing more and even threaten Sevilla's goal.

The second half brought more of the same as in the first half, until Jonas made this superb pas out of nowhere to release Soldado alone in front of the goal and Soldado with an equally impressive finish slotted the ball past the goalkeeper.

The celebration would be short lived though and Sevilla would immediately level back the score to 1-1.
Sevilla would continue attacking until they managed to score another one in the 91st minute to make the end terrifying for Valencia CF fans. Sevilla had a chance to win in the last seconds as Kanoute got his head to a long cross, but was unable to direct in on goal and it went out with the whistle blowing there after to end the game with a victory for Valencia.