Saturday, December 3, 2011

Valencia CF 2-1 RCD Espanyol - Match Report

In the 5th minute Dealbert was fouled in the penalty area abd Valencia CF given a penalty, with Tino Costa taking it and with a powerful shot in the 90% degrees of the net scoring to put Valencia CF in the lead 1-0. Before the penalty was given Rami actually scored with a header, but of course the whistle was already blown.

Pressing from Valencia CF in the next 5 minutes, but no chance for a goal and Espanyol would threaten in the 11th minute after an throw-out, but luckily no player from Espanyol was close to ball to head it towards goal.

15th minute a good run by Alba on the left and manages a cross, but it couldn't quite found Aduriz.

19th minute Aduriz with a good run after being released by Pablo that results in a shot, but the Espanyol goalkeeper saves his goal. Just seconds after a chance for Pablo on the right and then a shot from Tino Costa, but again the goalkeeper saves.

Espanyol then pushed forward and Rami makes a mistake allowing a pass by him, but luckilly Dealbert was alert and block it in the last moment or it could have been very dangerous.

27th minute almost a chance for Valencia after a good one-two by Topal and Mathieu allowed Mathieu through on goal, but the final ball was missing. Moments later Alba claimed a second penalty after falling in the penalty area after a bit of struggle with a defender, but the referee denied it.

Few actions in a row for Valencia later and a shit on goal after a korner with Aduriz heading the ball just wide off goal.

First half ended with Valencia on the attack and trying to score a 2nd goal, even though Espanyol had more of the possession.

First 10 minutes of the second half were quite uneventful with just one decent chance for Valencia from the left side.

The next 10 minutes till 65th were mostly attacks and tries by Espanyol , but unable to directly threaten Diego on goal. All that attacking play would pay off though as Rami makes a mistake and allowes Moeno to score a goal for Espanyol in the 68th minute.

Nice pass by Jonas in the 75th minute, but Aduriz there failed to react in time and missed a good opportunity.

Soldado would replace Aduriz and just minute after coming on in the 79th minute would score a goal with his head after a corner kick taken by Tino Costa.

Espanyol would desperately try to score once again till the end, but Valencia CF ended up defending and managed to win.

Player Ratings:
Diego 6 - Not tested too much and had one good save in the first half and generally stable on corners and crosses. Did not have a chance for the goal.
Barragan 6 - Did well defensively, but failed to go forward too much and didn't link up with Pablo at all.
Rami 4.5 - Bad match for Rami as he made two crucial mistakes and smaller ones like dribbling in his own half and loosing the ball few times. Guilty for allowing Morano to score as he failed to clear the ball.
Dealbert 6.5 - Positive performance from Dealbert and dealt with everything Espanyol could throw at him.
Alba 7 - Great match from Alba with crucial interventions in the back and great work as well going in attack.
Topal 6 - Simple passing and good defensive cover with few rare forward arrays.
Tino 6 - Scored from the penalty with a powerful and accurate shot, but completely overrun in the midfield and seemed quite tired or unwilling to run. Rather poor performance by him, but he made up for it with his good set pieces play and providing the assist to Soldado with his corner kick.
Pablo 5.5 - Rather anonymous performance with few decent passes and few misplaced passes. Overall did not contribute too much.
Piatti 6 - Started slow, but went on to trouble Espanyol on several occasions with his runs, but as with the rest of the attackers failed to link-up with everyone.
Mathieu 6.5 - Best of the forwards with several good runs and crosses and good link-up play with Alba.
Aduriz 5.5 - Had few runs, but could not find himself in goalscoring positions and realistically didn't have too much support.
Bruno 5.5 - Replaced Barragan at half time and did well defensively, but did worse in attack than Barragan.
Jonas 5.5 - Had one good through pass and a shot, but failed to do too much.
Soldado 6 - Came in and scored in his first minute to win Valencia the match. Good stuff.