Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chelsea FC 3-0 Valencia CF player ratings

Diego 6 - Had to make 3 saves and did a good job, arguable if he can do more for the first goal.
Barragan 5 - At fault for the first goal, he fell down and allowed Mata to provide the assist to Drogba. Was nowhere to react on the second one as well, although wasn't at fault directly.
Rami 4 - Suspect at all times with poor defending for the first goal and poor defending overall.
Ruiz 3.5 - Poor defending all round, directly responsible for the second goal and suspect at all times, but you got to realize he was injured and shouldn't have even played in such an important match unfit and out of form.
Alba 4.5 - Suspect in defense with some poor clearances. Did well in attack, but was too little too bad.
Albelda 6 - Good display from the veteran who was the only person not scared from Chelsea and made few defensive interceptions.
Tino 5.5 - Poor delivery from set pieces which are supposed to be his biggest strength. I feel like he was maybe a little bit tired as he played just 3 days ago on the weekend against Espanyol.
Feghuoli 5.5 - The only player that created a few actions and tried hardest to do something, but had no one to play with.
Jonas 5 - Completely anonymous and I'm, surprised Emery didn't change him on half time.
Mathieu 5.5 - Was decent in attack with some good link-up play with Alba and Tino and provided few crosses, but he is not sophisticated enough to be a real winger. He has good crosses and speed, but he is too simple of a player and doesn't cut inside ever to be a real winger and VCF need to find a good winger in the winter.
Soldado 5 - Didn't see the ball at all. Apart from one shot he had absolutely no service.
Aduriz 5 - One header towards goal, a good one as well, but that was about it.
Pablo 5 - Worse than Feghuoli and literally only had 4-5 touches with the ball.
Parejo 5 - Didn't add anything at all.

Unai Emery 4 - Said he would play Miguel against Chelsea and back off on his own word and that negatively reflected as Barragan was pretty much responsible for the first goal.
He also played Ruiz straight out of injury when he probably isn't even fully fit and it backfired miserable as Ruiz was crap all night long. He also was wrong to start searching for a quick goal from the start and in these kind of cases its better to just sit back and slowly grind out a goal somewhere in the 80-90 minute and have little time for the opposition to recover.

I need someone to get me Unai Emery email so that I can send him my tactical analysis of my deep studies before matches like this.