Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rayo Vallecano 1-2 Valencia CF - Player Ratings

Diego 6 - Did not have too much to do, but did well on the two occasions he had to react. No chance for the goal.
Barragan 6 - Did well defensively not too troubled and was decent going forward as well.
Rami 6 - Did have few header clearances and wasn't particularly troubled, decent display.
Dealbert 5.5 - Mixed bag performance, he did have some nice interceptions and blocks, but had a few lapses as well.
Alba 6.5 - Started really well making some crucial tackles and interceptions in defense and doing well going forward as well, but diminished in effectiveness later on, being passed two times with ease and was involved in the mix up along with Dealbert in Vallecano's goal.
Albelda 6 - Had two good interventions to stop the Rayo attacks progressing, earning a yellow for on of those interventions though.
Tino 6 - Scored a goal and closed down all over the field rather nicely, but not a great performance.
Feghuoli 6 - Always a hard worker and covers a lot of ground going back and helping out in defense, but wasn't too good on the attacking side and apart from the assist did not do much.
Jonas 6.5 - Scored a good goal from a distance and was generally dangerous. Most of his passes failed though, but still a pretty good display.
Mathieu 6 - Had few trademark crosses and provided the assist for Jonas, but again other than that not too impressive.
Soldado 6 - Combined well with Feghuoli on the right leading up to the goal and some good runs deep, but lacked the service today.
Aduriz 5.5 - Did have few runs towards goal, but couldn't quite make it. He did come and help out in defense though quite a bit.
Pablo 5 - Apart from being involved in one action just after his arrival went missing and I did not see him again.
Piatti 5 - More active than Pablo and had had few runs, but they all ultimately failed.