Sunday, October 30, 2011

Valencia CF 3-1 Getafe CF - Player Ratings

Guaita 6 - Made few easy saves, confident every time he was called on.
Miguel 6 - Made a mess for the Getafe goal, but improved later on and went on to made few crucial interceptions.
Rami 6 - Not his best match, but did good overall.
Ruiz 6 - Same as Rami, did not have too much to deal with though.
Mathieu 6.5 - Had few defensive mistakes, but did very well going forward though and started few of the attacks.
Albelda 6 - Had few blocks in the middle and provided some passing outlet, nothing of note though.
Banega 7.5 - At the heart of every Valencia attack. Was involved in all of the goals and provided the assist for the third goal. Made few smaller mistakes, but overall a great match for Banega.
Feghuoli 7.5 - Scored two goals and was a decent attack threat overall. Good game by Feghuoli.
Jonas 6.5 - Great link up play, good movement and was generally a threat to Getafe. Provided the assist to the second goal.
Pablo 6 - Involved in most of the attacks and provided few good passes, but nothing great.
Soldado 5.5 - Tried to get into dangerous positions and make something of the few balls he got, but generally ineffective.
Alba 5.5 - Linked up 2-3 times with Mathieu and provided some speed on the flank, failed to constantly threaten Getafe and seemed to fall back to left back later and let Mathieu go forward more.
Aduriz 6 - Came in and scored a goal and it was a great goal, well timed run and great composure to push it into the net.
Piatti N/A - Not enough time

Overall this was a good match with some good attacking moves, though Banega lacks a passing partner. In Albelda you have a good cover and a simple passer, but there needs to be someone else who can also make the occasional through passes and control play.

As far as the attack I think Emery should play Aduriz more, he just showed that he can be more dangerous than Soldado at time, especially when Soldado is out of form. Although I wouldn't mind seeing Soldado and Aduriz starting as a duo against weaker teams and see how it goes, as last season we had very good games with both of them on the field.