Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Valencia CF 1-1 Chelsea FC Player Ratings

Diego Alves 10 (MotM) - Absolutely brilliant performance, in a period of 5 minutes made some amazing saves, had one more amazing save towards the end to keep the result 1-1. Just perfect. Biggest mark I've given.
Miguel 4.5 - Slow and clumsy performance from Miguel, exposed numerous times and forced Rami to come out way too often on the side, couldn't get a decent cross for his life.
Rami 7 - Great performance once again from the Frenchmen as he commanded his area and made few curucial interceptions.
Ruiz 6 - Did well enough, but when pressed by the Chelsea attack made mistakes. Not his best performance and maybe he needs a little rest to get his strength and focus up.
Alba 6 - Did well in defense overall, but crucially allowed the cross that lead to the goal for Chelsea. Offered support going forward, but wasn't too secure and convincing in defense.
Albelda 6 - Had several misplaced passes in the beginning, giving the ball away to Chelsea in dangerous positions and Torres almost scored from his back pass. Improved later on and did good, but could have easily cost the team to loose with his poor passing early on.
Banega 7 - As Albelda was nervous at the beginning and lost few balls in dangerous positions, but improved later on and provided good passing, outlet for going forward and his performance was generally positive.
Pablo 6 - Quite the ineffective performance from Pablo even though he was rested on the weekend, but tonight he failed to provide anything of note and while he was full of running, failed to make an impact.
Canales 7 - Good performance and provided some good piercing passes that players couldn't take advantage of, dropped deeper when needed and worked very hard for the team.
Mathieu 6 - Its in this matches when one can see Mathieu is not a winger. Had good forward runs and good crosses, but wasn't intelligent with his crosses and they were all instinctive missing some opportunities. Still though had a decent showing.
Soldado 6 - Moved in some good positions and had decent service, its just that his first touch let him down and failed to control the ball so often, ruining his chances. Perfectly taken penalty though.
Piatti 6 - Instantly effective as he was dangerous for Chelsea goal, had two shots towards goal, probably should have done better with those, but was more dangerous than Mathieu.
Jonas 6 - His and Feghuoli's coming on provided some urgency into the attack and Valencia became more dangerous, had a good shot on goal that Cech saves and created trouble for Chelsea.
Feghuoli 6 - Ditto Jonas, had great positive effect on VCF attack, provided some good passes, some good crosses and did more in 20 minutes than Pablo did in 70.

Unai Emery 7 - Set up the team great, pretty much what you'd expect though and in the second half made great substitutions that added depth and urgency in the attack and got lucky as Valencia equalized, although that was more Andre's sub helping us out.