Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sporting Gijon 0-1 Valencia CF - Match Report

Sporting Gijon 0-1 Valencia CF
Possession: 40%-60%
Goals: Soldado
Assists: Jonas

The match started with a lot of back and forth attacks between the two teams, but neither side with a clear chance or opportunity towards goal.
The first 15 minutes of the match were basically more of the same, with most of the play being in the middle of the field, with the occasional forward array from both Valencia and Gijon.

The first chance came for Sporting Gijon as probably Rivera beat Bruno on the right side and passed the ball to an attacker, but Guaita reacted well and made a save.

The following minutes Valencia CF would put a foot on the ball and will get to 70% possession, but with all that possession it could not muster up much. Then in the 24th minute Banega dribbled past few Gijon players, but was finally fouled just on the line of the penalty area and the referee awarded a free kick. Canales took the freekick, but only managed to hit the wall.

In the 28th minute Gijon had a rare attack organized and Barral managed a shot towards goal, but the ball went wide.
Just a minute later Soldado would score a goal for Valencia CF. Pablo Hernandez would get a pass from Banega, he ran forward and then made a pass to the lone Jonas, but Jonas shot was momentarily saved, only for the rebound to found its way to Soldado, who scored with no problems.

32nd minute Rivera found enough space and shot towards goal, but Guaita was alert and cached the ball.

Canales would catch the ball from a bad pass from Juan Pablo, he would then try a through pass towards Jonas, the pass is blocked but the ball founds its way to Pablo, he sprints forward and then passes to Jonas, but he fails to score from a clear position. Sporting Gijon immediately returned the favor, but the the danger was immediately cleared. 

Just a minute before half time Barral shoots again towards Valencia goal after a free kick pass, but his shot goes over the goal. After this the referee blew the half time whistle.

The first 13 minutes from the second half went with very little action, just Valencia keeping the ball into its possession.

58th minute Guaita makes one more save after a long range shot by Barral. Just two minutes later De La Cuevas makes a great solo run on the right side, beating Pablo and Bruno and passes to Barral who shoots, but Guaita makes a great save.

Then in the 67th minute great pass from Banega to Soldado, he passes his marker and shoots, but Juan Pablo makes a great save.

Pablo Hernandez would have a long range effort in the 71th minute, the shot is weak, but he still manages to get a corner out of it.

Few minutes later there was a tripple oppurtunity for Valencia as Pablo passes to Aduriz and his shot is saved once, rebound goes to Piatti and he shoots, but its blocked, then ball goes to Aduriz once more and he fails to put it into the net once again.

82nd minute amazing save from Guaita, after an equally amazing lob by a Gijon player. Next 10 minutes were Sporting Gijon attacking ruthlesly and having pretty good opportunities, but Valencia CF holds and in the last seconds of the match even had an opportunity for goal as Aduriz got the ball, but his shot hit Gijon's goalkeeper. The referee blew the final time whistle.

Technical Details:
Sporting Gijón (0): Juan Pablo; Damián Suárez (Carmelo González, 78th min), Alberto Botía, Gregory Arnolin, Roberto Canella; Alberto Rivera, Sergio Alvarez, André Castro (Gastón Sangoy, 57th min); Nacho Novo (Alberto Lora, 57th min), Miguel de las Cuevas, David Barral.

Valencia CF (1): Vicente Guaita; Bruno Saltor, Adil Rami, Víctor Ruiz, Jordi Alba; David Albelda, Éver Banega; Pablo Hernández, Jonas Gonçalves (Pablo Piatti, 61st min), Sergio Canales (Tino Costa, 79th min); Roberto Soldado (Aritz Aduriz, 69th min).

Goal: 1-0 Roberto Soldado (30m).

Player Ratings:
Guaita 8 - Had quite a lot of saves in this match, 3 very dangerous shots he saved superbly and made several saves from long range shots. Great night for Guaita.
Bruno 5 - He was the weak link in defense and made quite a number of mistakes. Improved towards the end, but it was too little too late. Didn't offer much in attack either.
Rami 6.5 - 3rd match for him and Ruiz and third time no goals conceded. A bit slow in some situations, but made up with his positioning.
Ruiz 7 - Once again a bit sketchy at the start, but improved quickly and went on to be a rock in defense making several crucial interventions. 
Alba 6 - Did well in defense for the most part, wasn't involved much in the attack, although had trouble defensively towards the end.
Albelda 6 - Covered nice in the midfield and stopped few attacks from happening, but hid from the ball and failed to receive the ball or pass the ball much.
Banega 7 - Had a great match, kept possession superbly, spread the ball great, made few runs forward and opened up Gijon a bit, made a great pass to Soldado that should have been a goal, although he did misplace some passes and lost the ball few times in dangerous positions.
Pablo 6.5 - Wasn't really involved in the first half and only had sporadic runs and touches, but improved in the second half and caused quite a few problems for Gijon. Had few great and dangerous passes.
Jonas 5.5 - He was obviously was not fit enough to play or maybe this just wasn't his day. Failed to influence the match at all and missed a great opportunity to score.
Canales 6.5 - Great passing range and vision, came deep to get the ball and lnked up well with Banega and Pablo, but wasn't dangerous on the left and he tended to go in the middle.
Soldado 6 - Scored a goal, but was particularly wasteful with some good chances. Failed to use the most out of his chances and should have scored at least once more.
Piatti 6 - Was very lively when he came on and added depth to the left side, but his final pass is lacking and went down too easily to be dangerous.
Aduriz 5.5 - Had 3 good chances to score but failed to capitalize on them. Other than that he was a lone figure up front as Gijon took more of the possession.
Tino Costa N/A - Not enough time