Tuesday, September 13, 2011

KRC Genk 0-0 Valencia CF

Disappointing match tonight for all Valencia fans as the team only managed to draw against Belgian side Genk. I personally predicted 3-0 win for Valencia CF, but man was I wrong on this one.

Still I'm not too worried and I think we have good chances against both Leverkuzen and Chelsea. I watched Chelsea some on TV, but mostly Barcelona because they were the only ones on TV, but neither Chelsea or Bayern Leverkuzen look too great and lets not dwell too much on this match.

Overall we had the majority of possession, more than 65% procent, but we didn't manage to create many chances regardless. To me Piatti, Feghuoli and Parejo seemed out of their depth, either the the magnificence of the match caught up to them and they were nervous or they just aren't ready yet for top level competition.

There is not going to be a match report as I've missed all of the first half and even the second half I've watched on a crappy stream, so I'm in no position to write about the match and rate the players. For now you'd have to do with another great preview for Valencia's next match.