Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Herbalife and Valencia CF renew sponsorship deal

Herbalife and Valencia CF have renewed the sponsorship agreement and the herbalife logo will still be available on the front bottom of the Valencia CF shorts.

The company will continue working with the team from Valencia, according to the physical needs of the players, in order to provide nutritional products and energy they need to cope with hard training and improve their performance in the field.

With this sponsorship agreement, Herbalife reaffirms its commitment to sport, health education and a healthy lifestyle. The wide range of nutritional supplements (bars, shakes, supplements) and specific solutions (isotonic and energy drinks) as well as being suitable for exercise, ensure a balanced daily nutritional and complete.

Valencia Club proudly continues to follow the side of Herbalife and considers that an important part of the team's success lies not only in his physical preparation, but also in their controlled diet and good nutritional program that are supported by the products of Herbalife, help the athletic performance of the players better.