Friday, July 15, 2011

Tino Costa interview

Valencia has become a routine after yesterday's day of leisure on the beach, the team has again been divided into two groups, different from other days, who have done the same training session with more than one hour apart.

The players of Valencia have spent an hour in the gym, after which they have come on the field and have practiced, divided between offense and defense drills and output pressure of the ball.

Unai Emery, Valencia coach, has had all players available for the first team, in addition to the four homegrown players in the preseason and regular with the presence of a third goalkeeper, goalkeeper Adrian Junior B Lluna.

The group will train this afternoon, at 19.15 at the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna, in the penultimate training session before being moved to concentration in Austria.

Tino Costa, Valencia's Argentine footballer, has stressed that, after achieving the goal of the third in the league last season, "the results will help Unai Emery feel more confident and try more things."

"Keep on the same line of work, I still want to progress every day, the objective remains the same. We continue with the same confidence, last year was very good and now we have more mutual respect. " he detailed.

Tino Costa who has recently returned to training with the group after taking several days recovering from a sore ankle, acknowledged a sprain injury but said, "it was nothing serious."

"Every year I get different objectives to keep improving and progressing in my career. I have returned to pre-season looking forward, with the same self or stronger than last year, the club and myself demand more this season, "said the player.

Costa has described last season, his first season at the club as "year of adaptation to different football," but stressed that he has working hard "every training" to improve "details" that saved him.

The player has stated that upon arrival to the team a year ago, he was told "that he had been one of the two best players," something that has been used to emphasize that "the players who came with great desire" and that the team " is working well, calm and with clear objectives."

Tino Costa admitted that the team "needs to improve a lot" from last season, and has recollected the knockout in the second round of the Champions League against Schalke 04 in Germany.

"The team the way that played against Schalke is something that needs to be improved in order to fight" in full "in all competitions," he stressed.

Valencia has reviewed the situation of some of his countrymen to the side, as the newcomer Pablo Piatti,  on who he said that "its very clear where he arrived and he knows that the demands are more than in Almeria."

On Ever Banega, who currently plays in Copa America with Argentina, Tino Costa stated his desire for Ever to remain at the club, but admitted that "if he has to go," I will support him.

"We became good friends on and off the pitch and I would like him to stay because we are friends, but if he has to go, I'll be with him to support him and wish him good luck," he said.

"I speak every day with and him is very quiet, he had to leave in the worst moment, the team of Colombia for example was more difficult than that of Costa Rica."

Tino Costa also pointed to 'Chori' Dominguez, the player who has left Valencia to play on loan at River Plate in a "personal decision" that Valencia accepted because Chori Dominguez "wants to feel important and add minutes" and be "big in Argentina."