Tuesday, July 19, 2011

PSV Eindhoven 0-2 Valencia CF Match Report

Great game to watch, not the most entertaining, but considering it was the first match after last season it was pretty good. Valencia CF also won the match 2-0 and considering that PSV has started their preseason sooner and has already played few matches its looking good.

First half was decent we didn't have some beautiful play and the chances were rare, but the defense seems very good with all of the players performing admirably, even though it wasn't like they were tested too much or too hard. I like Bruno and Alba defending, I think Rami was a bit nervous and Pardo did actually very well.

Topal did well especially defensivelly, but Maduro was nowhere to be seen and he was the worst player on the field today.

Anyways the first half ended 0-0 with similar possession and chances for both teams.

The second half was a whole new starting eleven with new player Piatti starting for the first time. The second half was much more dynamic and interesting with good chances on both sides. Piatti was causing all sorts of troubles on the left for the PSV defense and he was really standing out. The first goal also came from Piatti after an Aduriz assist.

Feghuoli was playing quite poorly for much of the match, but then in the 78th minute he made a great move to get away from a defender and cross the ball to Aduriz who headed the ball into the net. It was 2-0 for Valencia CF.

Overall it was an encouraging first preseason match which we won 2-0 against a difficult opponent. Pablo Piatti really impressed me, Jordi Alba and Miguel Brito also impressed me, as did Pardo who looked really assured in defense. The players that really disappointed me were Pablo Hernandez and Hedwiges Maduro.

Technical Details:
PSV (0): Isaksson, Manolev, Marcelo, Strootman, Toivonen, Engelaar, Wijnaldum, Lens, Mertens, Tamata, Labyad.

Valencia CF (2): Diego(45min Guaita), Bruno(45min Burno), Rami(45min Costa), Pardo(45min Dealbert), Alba(45min Mathieu); Topal(45min Albelda), Maduro(45min Pardo); Pablo(45min Feghuoli), Jonas(45min Nacho), Bernat(45min Piatti); Soldado(45min Aduriz).

Goals: 68th min. 1-0, Pablo Piatti; 78th min. 2-0, Aritz Aduriz.

Player Ratings:
Diego 5 - Had absolutelly nothing to do.
Bruno 5.5 - Made few decent runs forward and solid defensivelly.
Rami 5 - Was a bit reserved, but its his first match so no big deal.
Pardo 5.5 - Did a good job defensively, very active.
Alba 5.5 - Had a very good save in the middle of the first half, not much going forward though.
Topal 5 - Not very influential in the middle, provided good cover back though.
Maduro 4 - Apart from 3-4 touches with the ball nowhere to be seen.
Pablo 5 - Few runs on the right and the left, had a shot on goal but way off target, didn't acomplish much.
Jonas 5 - Made a wonderful assist to Soldado, made himself available, but could not dictate the game.
Bernat 5 - Had a few runs on the left, but nothing really worthy. 
Soldado 5 - Had one shot at goal from a Jonas assist, but failed to covert in into goal. Had one or two more runs, but was not threatening.
Guaita 5.5 - Made a few minor saves, very focused.
Miguel 6 - Great game by Miguel, amazing attacking play and defended very well.
Costa 5 - Wasn't challenged much, kept things simple.
Dealbert 5.5 - Quite confident in his passing and made a few good tackles.
Mathieu 5 - Decent performance.
Albelda 5 - Wasn't very influential, mostly defended.
Portu 5 - Better than Maduro, but often times keeps the ball too long and looses it.
Feghuoli 6 - Player poorly until that amazing cross to Aduriz for the second goal. Had one more decent pass after that.
Nacho 5.5 - Quite active in the beginning and had a shot just wide off goal, went missing in the later stages.
Piatti 6.5 - Very good first match for Piatti, lightning fast on the left, caused much trouble to the PSV defenders and scored a goal.
Aduriz 7 - Had an assist for the first goal, although it was more of a lucky rebound actually, but then scored a goal from a Feghuoli cross.