Monday, July 4, 2011

One year celebration celebrates one year since its beginning, it was 4th July 2010 when I first wrote an article.

That first month there were 55 pageviews and 30 unique visitors, it doubled the next month to 108 pageviews and continually it doubled and even tripled in visitors as the months passed by. Last month of June there was a record number of visitors with more than 13.000 pageviews and more than 11.000 unique visitors.

Hopefully the Valencia CF community will continue to grow and so will this blog and I hope to write many more articles and news in the future.

I've been working behind the scenes on new stuff and I'm slowly introducing it. I've moved the 2010/11 fixtures&results in the new "Archive" section, the player ratings from 2010/11 was moved there and the goals and assists were moved there as well.
That page will have all the old stuff, while the new fixtures and player ratings are reset and prepared for the new season.

I'm working on a "Squad" page that will have all the players and when you can click on the player names you go to a section with all the player info, transfer records, market value, match statistics and stuff like that.

Its a lot of work, but hopefully I'll have it before the new season starts.