Saturday, July 9, 2011

Isco transfers to Malaga

Well after ton of speculation for over a month it turns out that Isco has lied to the media and fans about his intentions to stay in Valencia CF, I mean he could have at least been honest from the start and not lie about it and say that he is greedy or wants to go to his home town of Malaga or just be honest admit its for the money and go to Malaga CF.

He has signed a 6 years deal with Malaga CF and he is reportedly from sources close to Malaga going to earn about 1.1 million euros per season, which is actually not very good if he was smart enough, because if he does get better its not like he can ask for improved contract because he is bound for six years with the same exact salary. 

The fact that any player would choose Malaga over Valencia is just unimaginable, I mean players most of them want to progress in their careers and want to achieve something and Isco has made the biggest mistake in his life.

Valencia CF is the third best club in Spain, it has the third largest fan base, the third largest attendance rate and it can actually compete with that of Real Madrid if we had a bigger stadium. Valencia CF has the history and prestige, the quality and tradition and with all rescept to Malaga CF fans out there, but comparing Malaga CF to Valencia CF is like comparing Stoke City to Manchester United.

And some will argue that Malaga CF now have money and can succeed, but remember even if Malaga finished 1st to 6th they still wouldn't be able to play in the European Championship if they spend more than they earn. So they practically can't even use all the money of their new owner so its not like Malaga all of a sudden will compete with the best 6 teams. I mean look at Manchester City, two years spending hundreds of millions of dollars and they still can't even catch up to the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United and Manchester City are traditionally in England a big club, they are certainly not the Malaga of Spain type of club.

The truth about Isco is that he is a decent player with huge hype, and I've watched all of his matches from the ones with Valencia CF and all of his matches in the various Spanish youth sides and he is not that great. He has good vision and good dribbling skills, but he is quite slow, has a slow pace, his shot is weak, his long passing is way off and he has been playing with good players around him in the Mestalla, Valencia and Spanish youth team against opponents of same or weaker caliber.

So I think Isco Alarcon will be forgot very soon and I don't think he will become anything more that a mediocre player. What he had going for him is big hype and living up to that hype is what always gets these youngsters who jump clubs like this. I mean there are so many examples of players being touted as the hairs to some of the best players that have played like Maradona, Ronaldo, Zidane, etc... and massively flopped.

So this is my opinion, you may agree or disagree with it, you have the comment section to share your thoughts if you feel like you have anything to say about Isco or about this article.