Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dealbert last year with Valencia CF

Angel Dealbert had a press conference in the City of Paterna and talked about the coming 2011/12 season. He said this season is very important to him.

For me it is a very important year. I continue in Valencia CF and what I have to do is compete, fight, work hard and be there when the coach requires. It's my last year and it really is a very important year for me. I need to get it right, play as much as possible and must be both mentally and physically ready when required by the coach" he commented.

Dealbert also said "we should not think individually," as he believes that if Valencia is doing well, its going to be well for him also, "If targets are achieved, it will be fine for me too," he added.

He said that Unai Emery's objective this season is to improve over the previous season and be competiting and fighting really hard in all 3 competitions.

Dealbert said that the most important thing for him is to do well in the upcoming friendly matches and follow the tactics the coach has set in place in the training sessions.

He also spoke about the new arrivals and his defensive partner Adil Rami: "Adil Rami is different. He is new, coming off from a victory in the French league and Lille and has to adapt quickly, as this is another league," said Dealbert, who added that Rami is "a guy with a good sense of humor, something that is fundamental."

Nice interview by Dealbert, he seems humble, but ready to work hard and impress this season. I like his attitude.